JAIPUR NEWS: A DALIT TEACHER BURNT ALIVE In Front Of 6- year Old Student Video Went Viral On Internet Suspect!


JAIPUR NEWS: DALIT TEACHER BURNED FOR HIS LIFE in front of 6-year-old student Video Goes Viral on Internet Suspect!, #JAIPUR #NEWS #DALIT #UČITEL #BURNED #ALIVE #Previous #year #Student #Video #Viral #Internet #Suspicious Welcome to BLOG 50MIND SHere’s the latest broadcast news and trends we’ve got for you today: :

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Society has progressed so much today but still the thinking of some people is backward. We recently celebrated the 75th Independence Day but still some people do not come out of their orthodox thinking. The world is evolving, but some places in society still live in their false pride. Even after many protests and riots, the lower castes still face a lot of discrimination in the society. A week ago we heard the news that a dalit student was murdered and his crime was only that he dared to drink water from an earthen pot that was reserved only for upper castes. Follow our website 50MINDS.COM.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Teacher burns alive in front of 6-year-old student's video
Teacher burnt alive in Jaipur Dead

And now one more such case has come up where a Dalit teacher was killed and her only mistake was asking for refund. A 35-year-old Dalat teacher was set on fire and this heinous and horrible crime happened in Rajasthan. The school teacher was allegedly burned alive by her relatives and the reason we have already mentioned is a money dispute. The victim succumbed to his injuries and breathed his last at SMS Hospital, located in Jaipur. According to media reports, the name of the government teacher who lost her life after the fire was Anita.

Teacher burns alive in front of 6-year-old student’s video

According to Jaipur Rural Superintendent of Police (SP) Manish Agrawal, Anita breathed her last on the night of Tuesday, August 16, 2022. Police said that on Wednesday, August 10, 2022, the victim visited her relative’s house and confronted them. after they failed or refused to repay her money when she loaned them. When they approached them to return the money they had borrowed from her, the enraged relative started dousing Anita with petrol and set her on fire in front of her 6-year-old child. This horrifying incident happened in Anita’s native village, which is relatively 80 kilometers away from the capital city of Rajasthan and the place falls under the jurisdiction of Raiser police station.

What happened to the teacher in Jaipur?

Dharmendra Yadav, another SP said that “the suspect doused a lady with petrol and set her on fire in her village and the incident took place on August 10, 2022”. The woman was badly injured by fire burns and was first admitted to the Government Hospital in Jamrao Ramgarh. After monitoring her critical condition, she was referred to Jaipur Hospital where she died within a week of the accident. Her family also blamed the police for this, saying that they filed the case and the police did not reach the spot on time. The victim gave around Rs 2.5 million to her relatives. But when she asked for a refund, they beat and abused her.


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