Jane Fonda Plastic Surgery Confessions: Quotes About Getting Work Done


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When it comes to sharing her plastic surgery journey, Jane Fonda he wasn’t shy about revealing the details! The Grace and Frankie the actress has been acting since the 60s and has changed a lot since then.

“I’m glad I look good for my age, but I’ve had plastic surgery,” the Hollywood veteran admitted in her 2018 documentary. Jane Fonda in five acts. “I’m not going to lie about it.

As for the details, Jane revealed in a February 2010 blog she shared via her website that she “did some ‘work’ on my chin and neck and had the bags under my eyes removed.”

“I’m writing a book about aging, so I couldn’t very well NOT talk about it. It’s been 2 weeks already” Book club the actress wrote at the time. “In 2000 I swore I would never get anything done again, but this year I got tired of not looking the way I felt and wanted a softer chin line than I used to, so I changed my mind. I’m still a little swollen, but not too much, and I’m glad I won’t look run down, weird… or tired all the time. And my crow’s feet are still alive and well. I wish I had the courage to do nothing, but instead I decided to be a slightly more glamorous grandmother.’

As she got older, Jane spoke at length about regretting some of her plastic surgeries.

“On one level, I hate the fact that I needed to change physically to feel like I was okay. I wish I wasn’t like that,” she also shared Jane Fonda in five acts documentary. “I love older faces. I love experienced faces. I loved Vanessa redgraveface. I wish I was braver. But I am what I am.”

Since then, she has sworn off any further procedures.

“I can’t pretend I’m not vain, but there will be no more plastic surgery – no more cutting,” Jane said. Elle Canada in February 2020. “I have to work every day to be self-accepting; I don’t find it easy.”

Walk through the gallery and see how it has changed over the years.


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