Jeffrey Dahmer used to drug his victims with sleeping pills before performing the heinous crimes


The new Netflix series, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, left viewers in shock as they wondered how he could have carried out the heinous murders so easily.

Here’s everything you need to know.

What drug did Jeffrey Dahmer take?

According to an article in Women’s Health Magazine, Jeffrey Dahmer drugged his victims with sleeping pills. These drugs are known as Halcion and consist of triazolam, a sedative drug.

As viewers have already seen in the Netflix series, Dahmer usually gave his victims a drink with Halcion.

It is further stated that Dahmer was opposed to the safe way of taking these drugs. His victims drank the juice without knowing they were ingesting Halcion. They were therefore unable to control their actions.

Jeffrey Dahmer
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When and how was Jeffrey Dahmer arrested?

Jeffrey Dahmer was taken into custody on July 22, 1991, after one of his victims, Tracy Edwards, escaped from his grasp.

Fortunately, he was able to get hold of two Milwaukee police officers. They escorted Edwards back to Dahmer’s apartment.

Additionally, during the investigation, police found disturbing Polaroids of dismembered victims in one of Dahmer’s rooms. Therefore, he was immediately arrested.

After his arrest, Dahmer additionally confessed to sixteen murders. He received 16 life sentences, which is more than 900 years behind bars. He subsequently revealed that he had killed 17 men and boys.

Jeffrey Dahmer
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Timeline of Jeffrey Dahmer’s victims

According to a report by The Sun, the timeline of Jeffrey Dahmer’s known victims is as follows:

  • Steven Hicks was killed in 1978. He was 18 years old.
  • Steven Tuomi was killed in 1987. He was 24 years old.
  • James Doxtator was also killed in 1987, three months after Tuomi. He was 14 years old.
  • Richard Guerrer was killed in 1988. He was 22 years old.
  • Anthony Sears was murdered in 1989. He was 24 years old.
  • Raymond Lamont Smith and Edward Smith were both killed in 1990. The former was 32, the latter 27.
  • Ernest Miller and David C Thomas were killed in September 1990. Both were 22 years old.
  • Curtis Straughter was killed in February 1991. He was 17 years old.
  • Errol Lindsey was murdered in April 1991. He was 19 years old.
  • Anthony Hughes (31) and Konerak Sinthasomphone (14) were both murdered in May 1991.
  • Matt Turner was killed in June 1991. He was 20 years old.
  • Oliver Lacy, Jeremiah Weinberger and Joseph Bradehoft were killed in July 1991.


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