Joe Flacco named starting QB for Week 13 against the Rams

HC Kevin Stefanski said that Flacco has a good grasp of their system and what they are trying to do offensively. Stefanski has spent time in the meeting room this week with Flacco and OC Alex Van Pelt to help make sure that Flacco is comfortable and to talk through the system.

“So, he’s worked very hard to put himself in position to go in that huddle and spit the play out and then operate at the line of scrimmage,” Stefanski said on Friday. “He’s put in a lot of work in.”

Van Pelt said that seeing Flacco in practice and how he stepped into the huddle to call plays, as well as how he threw the ball with accuracy and velocity, solidified to Van Pelt just what Flacco has left in the tank.

“As a passer, he is exactly that,” Van Pelt said. “He’s a pure passer, makes all the throws, has the arm strength to push the ball down the field and is accurate at all levels.”

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