Julie Chin, an Oklahoma news anchor suffers a stroke on live TV


Oklahoma news anchor “Julie Chin” revealed that she suffered a stroke during a live broadcast after stumbling over a few words.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Oklahoma News Anchor Suffers ‘Early Stroke’ Live

Julie Chin, who works for NBC affiliate KJRH in Tulsa, talked about NASA’s canceled Artemis-I launch Saturday morning. However, she was unable to read the words from her teleprompt when delivering messages.

Chin looked confused as she tried to continue the story. But moments later, she was completely unable to speak the script right in front of her.

Chin then went off script saying, “I’m sorry, something’s going on with me this morning and I apologize to everyone.”

Additionally, she handed the broadcast over to the weather team and continued, “Let’s go ahead and send it to meteorologist Annie Brown.”

Still, Brown took over and replied with a laugh: ‘Julie, we love you so much, we love you so much. We all have days like that.’

Regardless, instead of returning to the airwaves, Chin’s colleagues called 9-11. She was taken to a nearby hospital soon after.

Julie Chin issues statement about stroke

Julie Chin took to her Facebook profile on Sunday, September 4, to update her health status following the scare. She mentioned that she was in good health.

Then she said, “I’m happy to share that all my tests went great. At this point the doctors think I had the beginnings of a stroke, but not a full stroke.’

She went on to say, “There are still a lot of questions and a lot of things to follow up on, but all in all I should be fine.”

She added: “The episode seemed to come out of nowhere. I felt great before our show.”

Additionally, she claimed, “But within minutes, things started happening during our coverage. First, I lost partial vision in one eye. A little later my hand and arm went numb.’

Chin recalled, “I knew I was in big trouble when my mouth couldn’t say the words that were right in front of me on the remote control. If you watched on Saturday morning, you know how desperately I was trying to drive the show forward, but the words just wouldn’t come.”


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