Justin Roiland will no longer be a part of Rick and Morty.


Owith Rick and Morty With co-creator Justin Roiland awaiting trial for domestic violence, the future of the animated comedy series hangs in the balance.

Now swimming for adults, where is the line Rick and Morty announced on air that they had severed ties with Roiland and changed their voice roles on the show. Adult Swim’s decision comes less than two weeks after NBC News first reported on January 12 that Roiland had been charged with aggravated domestic violence in connection with a January 2020 incident with an unnamed woman he was dating in Orange County, California. time. . The news came the day Roiland appeared in court for a preliminary hearing in the case.

“Adult Swimmers has terminated its relationship with Justin Roiland,” Warner Bros. said in a statement. Marie Moore, the company’s senior vice president of communications, said Tuesday. Global Children, Young Adult and Classics Department in a statement The Hollywood Reporter.

What are the charges against Justin Roiland?

According to the criminal complaint, Roiland was charged with domestic battery causing bodily harm and false imprisonment by threat, violence, fraud or deception after a 2020 incident with an unnamed Jane Doe. Orange County District Attorney in May 2020. He was arrested and released on $50,000 bond in August 2020 and arraigned in October 2020. Also, in October 2020, a protective order was issued preventing Roiland from coming within 100 feet of the alleged victim.

Roiland has pleaded not guilty, and in a statement, his attorney, T. Edward Welburn, called media coverage of the case “inaccurate.”

“To be clear, not only is Justin innocent, but we expect this case to be dismissed once the district attorney’s office completes a thorough review of the evidence,” Welbourne said. . “We look forward to clearing Justin’s name and helping him move forward as quickly as possible.”

In the days following the Jan. 12 hearing, several people took to social media with additional allegations of abuse against Roiland, including predatory behavior toward minors.

The next preliminary hearing is scheduled for April 27.

What Justin Roiland’s allegations mean for the future Rick and Morty?

As co-creator, executive producer and star voice actor Rick and Morty, Roiland played a major role in the massively popular series. The show, which averages 560,000 live viewers per episode, ended its sixth season in December 2022, and a seventh season is being produced in 2018 under a long-term deal for 70 new episodes ordered by Adult Swim.

Now, Roiland’s voice roles, including the titular Rick and Morty, which has been ordered through Season 10, will be recast as the series moves forward. Roiland co-creator Dan Harmon will be the sole showrunner.

Roiland still has two projects in the works with Hulu’s animated comedy series Sun Contradictionswas renewed for a fifth season in October and Koala MaleIt debuted on January 9.

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