Kevin Bacon talks Kevin Bacon (the pig) on Kelly Clarkson Show

Kevin Bacon, yes, the actor this time, cleared the air on his involvement (or lack thereof) with the rescue of the famous pig, Kevin Bacon, during a segment on the “Kelly Clarkson Show” this week.

“Well, I didn’t find Kevin Bacon,” the actor said of the search for the Gettysburg-area pig, “I pointed out that he was missing.”

“If I was helpful, I’m thrilled,” Bacon said to Clarkson during the show.

The segment came after a social media frenzy over the footloose pig, which made its way across numerous publications and into the national spotlight.

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In a post on Threads, Kevin Bacon(the actor) shares a Kevin Bacon(the pig) story.

Along with featuring the actor, the show also featured the famous pig’s owner, Chelsea Rumbaugh, of Cumberland Township, who was in the audience for Kevin Bacon’s appearance.

“You found the pig, right?” Clarkson asked of Rumbaugh, who responded, “We found the bacon.”

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