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Curriculum vitae

Kristina Sunshine Jung (born August 1, 1978) is a well-known American businessman and performer.

She is a celebrity who is best known as the daughter of a famous drug lord, Jiří Jung and his ex-wife, Mirtha Jung.

She rose to prominence with the release of the 2001 Oscar-nominated film.Blow“, which was based on her father’s life.

The movie shown Kristina Sunshine Jung and Jiří Jungturbulent relationship and even depicted their romance ending on a sad note.

Kristina Sunshine Jung, on the other hand, she reunited with her father in real life. They currently own a clothing store together.

She had a troubled upbringing as a result of both her parents’ drug pasts. Her grandparents and aunt were her primary caregivers.

Kristina Sunshine Jung
Full name: Kristina Sunshine Jung
Born: August 1, 1978 (age 44)
Place of birth: United States
Nationality: American
Height: 1.67 m
Parents: George Jung, Mirtha Jung
siblings: ON
Husband • Husband: Romain Karan
Friend • Partner: ON
Children: Athena Romina Karan
Cast: Actress • Businesswoman
Net worth: $150,000

Early life

Kristina Sunshine Jung was born and introduced to the world on August 1, 1978.

She had a hard life because both her parents were criminals.

Mirtha Jung, Kristina Sunshine JungHis mother was addicted to heroin and remained so until he was three years old.

Mirtha Jung she used drugs even when she was pregnant. KristinaMother was jailed for drugs when she was a toddler.

Mirtha he’s already divorced George in time, when. At the same time, Kristina’s father was imprisoned for drug smuggling. KristinaChildhood was incredibly difficult under such circumstances.

Kristina Sunshine Jung was raised by her grandparents, Frederick Jung and Ermine Jung. Her childhood was more stable thanks to their tireless efforts to raise her. They took care Kristina and he always gave her a big box full of clothes and toys at the beginning of each school year, during the holidays, on her birthday and any other important event.

However, that ended when her grandfather died. She was subsequently brought to live with her aunt Marie Jung, where she grew up. She lived with her aunt until she was 18. She often expresses her love and gratitude to her grandparents and aunt in her posts on Instagram and Facebook.

Mirtha Jung repeatedly tried to get rid of narcotics in prison. After serving her sentence in prison, she stopped using narcotics. Since then, he has led a sober life. Kristina Sunshine JungThe father, on the other hand, continued to smuggle narcotics.


film’Blow”, which was nominated for an Oscar in 2001, was based on Kristina Sunshine Jungfather’s life Her strained relationship with her father was highlighted in the film.

According to the movie, she never visited Jiří Jung while he was imprisoned. However, it was stated that their relationship changed after the release of the film. There were rumors Kristina Sunshine Jung met Jiří Jung in the spring of 2002.

When Jiří Jung was released in 2014, their friendship became more assertive. They are often seen together at public events and parties.

Kristina Sunshine Jung she is an entrepreneur and a lesser known performer. She and her father own and operate a clothing store.

BG Apparel & Merchandise is the name of their clothing line. She starred in the movie title ‘Blow“, where she appeared next to Johnny Deppwho played the role of her father in the film.

Unfortunately, the sequence was eventually removed ‘Warner Bros.’ at the request of federal authorities. The deleted sequences are now available on the DVD release of the film.

Kristina Sunshine Jung he is working on a book about his mother that will be published soon.

Personal life

Kristina Sunshine Jung she is a wife Romain Karan. She is the mother of a girl called Athena Romina Karan.

Not much information is available about her other children. Kristina Sunshine Jung lived in San Mateo, Concord, Millbrae, Napa, Pittsburgh, and Walnut Creek, among others. However, she spent most of her time in California.

Net worth

A freelance writer is well compensated. She made money from both her novels and her clothesline.

Kristina Sunshine Jung has a net worth of $150,000.

Social media

Kristina Sunshine Jung He currently has two profiles on social media, Instagram and Facebook.

She started using them after learning about her clothesline. She has also set her Instagram account to private and her Facebook account is rarely used.

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