Last Seen Alive ending explained: What happened to Lisa?


*WARNING: Last Seen Alive spoilers ahead*

After a limited theatrical release in early 2022, Last Seen Alive appeared on Netflix in the US and skyrocketed to #1 on the streamer’s Top 10 chart.

Starring Gerard Butler and Jaimie Alexander as Will and Lisa, the film kicks off when Lisa mysteriously disappears and Will tries to figure out where his wife has gone.

As the gripping thriller is full of twists and turns, fans were unsurprisingly left with questions about what will happen to Lisa, as well as the ending of Last Seen Alive, which we’re here to explain.

Last Seen Alive | Teaser



Last Seen Alive | Teaser





Last Seen Alive plot preview

Last Seen Alive tells the story of Will and Lisa Spann, a married couple whose relationship teeters on the brink of collapse and Lisa wants the couple to spend some time apart.

The film opens with the pair driving to Lisa’s parents’ house, but before they arrive, Will has to stop for gas.

However, things take a turn for the worse when Lisa leaves the store for a gas station and mysteriously disappears without a trace.

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What happened to Lisa?

Lisa was kidnapped by a man named Knuckles who was waiting for her outside a gas station.

After Lisa’s disappearance, Will quickly jumps into action to find her, and with the help of Detective Paterson, he examines the security footage from the gas station after being told by Oscar the salesman that the cameras aren’t working. .

The footage shows Will heading towards Knuckles, who is an old classmate of Lisa’s and a handyman who recently did some work on her parents’ house.

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When Will finally catches up to Knuckles, he overpowers him and locks him in the trunk of his car after learning that Knuckles left Lisa with a man named Frank.

However, things get complicated when Will is caught speeding and pulled over by the police. When the officer asks to look in the trunk, he is forced to flee into the woods.

Successfully evading arrest, Will eventually tracks down the mysterious Frank, who is a local drug kingpin and runs a meth lab out of an old farm, while one of his underlings is revealed to be Oscar from the gas station.

After an explosive confrontation in which both Frank and Oscar are killed, Will finds Lisa alive and well in the outhouse and manages to get her to safety.

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Last Seen Alive ending explained

As the film progresses, more details about Lisa’s abduction are revealed through flashbacks.

It turns out that Knuckles’ plan was to kidnap Lisa and ransom her to support his drug addiction, knowing that both Will and her parents were financially well off.

However, when Knuckles presented the idea to Frank, he disagreed and ordered that Lisa be killed and her body buried to hide any evidence.

Fortunately for Lisa, Will arrives on the scene and saves her before any harm can be done.

Detective Paterson stops by to check on the pair in the film’s final scene and reveals that Knuckles has confessed to the kidnapping, while also hinting that he suspects Will killed several people in the meth lab, but turns a blind eye because removing the lab saved police work.

The ordeal proves to be the spark that helps revive Will and Lisa’s marriage, and they end the film together again and live happily ever after.

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Last Seen Alive is now available to stream on Netflix in the US after being added to the platform on 1 October 2022, while UK viewers can watch via Sky Cinema and NOW.

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