Latto opener for Lizzo‘s The Special Tour in Chicago


Popular singer Lizzo is on her “The Special tour” and her fans can’t get enough of her show where Latto came as an opener. Well, we still have some tours and festivals coming up and some coming up. Among them, Lizzo came up with her own tour, which was highly anticipated by everyone. Plus, her recent tour in Chicago gave fans what they were looking for. How he still thinks about it.

Read ahead to learn more about Lizzo bringing Latto as an opener for her Chicago tour.

Lizzo and her The Special Tour

Lizzo recently came out with her album called Special. Their tracks went viral. About Damn Time was one of the trending songs of the album, which even gave a whole new trend on TikTok. In support of the same album, Lizzo even announced a tour called The Special Tour.

The tour started already in September this year, it is supposed to continue until next year and end in March. Because Lizzo was going around different places for her tour. She was recently on tour in Chicago. The event in Chicago went so well that the fans are not over it.

Latto as opener for Lizzo Special tour

Jak Lizzo came up with her special tour this year to perform at various venues in North America. Her recent event in Chicago was hard for everyone to miss. Singer Lizzo was in Chicago on her tour where she had a guest that fans loved.

Latto came on as an opener at Chicago’s Lizoo event, and the show was definitely unexpected. The event took place on October 16. Even Lizzo shared on her Instagram and fans are sure happy with the event.

Fan reaction to Latto opening the Lizzo’s Special tour

After Lizzo’s performance with Latta, the About Damn Time singer herself shared Latta’s performance on her Instagram. Post which Twitter lit up with comments from everyone who watched the show with Lizzo and Latto.

One Twitter user wrote that Latto opening the show for Lizzo’s show was incredible. While other users were also happy and excited talking about this event in Chicago on Twitter. In the meantime, everyone is excited to witness the next performances of the tour.

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