Left-wing groups are calling on the UN to intervene in the US to protect abortion


Nearly 200 left-wing human rights organizations sent a letter to the United Nations (UN) on Thursday, accusing the United States of “violating international human rights law” as some states passed laws protecting unborn babies from abortion following the Supreme Court ruling. . Courts Dobbs solution.

“By removing established constitutional protections for access to abortion and enacting the state laws discussed above, the United States violates its obligations under international human rights law codified in a number of human rights treaties to which it is a party or signatory,” he said. The 53-page letter is read in part.

The letter is an “urgent call” for the UN to “intervene to ensure UN protection of reproductive rights”. The Washington Post The letter came from groups including, but not limited to, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and the Center for Global Justice.

The letter claims that “individuals living in the United States who may become pregnant face a human rights crisis” and that “the damage will increase” after the Supreme Court overturns. Roe v. Wade. The letter does not mention the nearly 63 million unborn babies who have died as a result of abortion since 1973.

The signatories urge UN mandate holders to “heed their calls for action,” including “contacting the United States regarding human rights violations, requesting visits to the United States, convening virtual stakeholder meetings with U.S. civil society, U.S. compliance with its obligations under international law and calls on private companies to take a number of measures to protect reproductive rights.

“We sent this letter to draw the world’s attention to the suffering that America’s abortion law causes to women, girls and others at risk of pregnancy,” said Christine Ryan, Legal Director of Global Justice. Center. Work in an emailed statement.

“There is an astonishing level of cognitive dissonance required to claim the role of global champion of human rights when millions of citizens of the United States live under extremist anti-abortion (policies),” he said. he asserted.

The letter also states that minorities and low-income people are at a greater disadvantage because many people living in states with pro-life laws are unable to abort their disabled or unborn babies.

“Dobbs is devastating for anyone who might become pregnant, but it has had and will continue to have a profound impact on some marginalized groups who face documented discrimination inside and outside the health care system,” the letter said. “These groups have poorer health than other populations and Dobbs makes them worse.

UN human rights bodies have previously called the Supreme Court’s decision a “huge setback” and “a blow to women’s human rights and gender equality,” the report said.

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