Lego releases epic The Office set complete with 15 mini figures


Office fans can finally look forward to a special Lego set released on October 1st. The Office Lego set contains up to 15 minifigures and more than 1000 pieces. Check out the price and all about The Office special Lego set below.

One of the special features of the Office Lego set is that fans can actually recreate some of their favorite scenes from the show by placing characters and specific sets in the box. Read more about it in the story below.

Where to buy the Office Lego set

The Office suite went on sale from October 1 from the official website. Get the set here. Along with online shopping, fans can also visit their nearest Lego store to check the availability of a special set.

Check the availability of the office Lego set at your nearest store here.

Price of the Office Lego set

The entire Lego set costs $119.99, which is a bargain since it includes 1,164 pieces and 15 minifigures. In comparison, Lego Marvel’s Black Panther set costs up to $349.99.

The epic Office Lego set evokes nostalgia among fans

The Dunder Mifflin Scranton Brunch construction office set will make fans relive their days watching The Office. Especially since the Lego set can recreate certain scenes from the show itself, this can be another fun activity to get together with friends where everyone can build their favorite scenes from the show.

Some of the figures included in the set are: Michael Scott, Dwight Schrute, Jim Halpert, Pam Beesly, Angela, Kelly with her birthday, Kelly cake, Ryan, Oscar, Kevin, Phyllis, Stanley, Meredith and Toby Flenderson.

The 3D Lego set includes the OG Dunder Mifflin logo in the hallway, which is a nice detail to add to make the set more realistic. In the back of the set, fans can see all the scenes they will be able to recreate from the show.

Speaking of the Lego Office set, the fan he commented: “A nostalgic (and hilarious) visit to “The Office” via Lego!”

Check out a more detailed review of the Lego set here.

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