Lil Durk and India Royale might have split after five years of dating


Rumors of Lil Durk and India Royale’s breakup have started to surface again on the internet. This time, however, India could drop some obvious hints.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Did Lil Durk and India Royale call it quits?

Rumors of Lil Durk and Indie Royale’s breakup started circulating after the former deleted her pictures with Lil Durk.

She then shared the mysterious text on her official Twitter.

The message read: ‘I’m a free agent.’

Subsequently, the post seemed to be the final nail in the coffin as several Internet sleuths conducted an investigation.

They confirmed that Royale is no longer following her fiance on Instagram. Although they mentioned that the 29-year-old rapper still follows Royale on the social media platform.

The Viral Moment singer started dating Royale in 2017. A year later, the couple welcomed their first child, a daughter named Willow Banks in October 2018.

Additionally, Lil Durk popped the question to the 27-year-old social media influencer in December 2021.

Meanwhile, the Chicago rapper shut down previous breakup rumors in May 2021.

In his Instagram post, he wrote: “It pisses me off how y’all are changing, trying to make it like someone talking to her like it’s my kids, kill the rumours, my b*** ain’t a nun like you goofy h*es. ‘

Fans React to Lil Durk and India Royale Split Rumors

Many fans took to social media to share their sadness over the alleged split between Lil Durk and India Royale.

One fan wrote: ‘If you and Durk aren’t together imma don’t stop dating because you all were the only hope I had left in love.’

Another fan added: “Please don’t do this to Durk.” He lost everyone he loved and you’re leaving his side while you’re still alive… make it right and come back. You were meant to be together. Just please don’t do it to Durk.”

A third fan said: ‘Durk and India have really grown apart over time and that’s what kills me. Sometimes love doesn’t last forever, no matter how hard you go after each other. Praying for them both, I know makeup sex would be crazy.”

Meanwhile, another added: “If Lil Durk and India really broke up every women’s match to post ‘true love doesn’t exist.’


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