Lizzo responded to Kanye West’s comments about her weight


Lizzo, otherwise known as Melissa Viviane Jefferson, recently responded to Kanye West’s comments about her weight when he appeared on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight. During an appearance at her Scotiabank Arena show on October 7, 2022, Lizzo cried out that her name had been mentioned in various interviews. She expressed, “I feel like everyone in America is putting my fucking name in their mouth for no good reason. Minding my fat black business. can i stay here Who can I marry at any time for this dual citizenship?

The crowd cheered the artist accordingly. However, the artist did not specifically mention Ye as she did when she attacked Aries Lance. Kanye West recently went on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight and shared his thoughts on the media’s promotion of obesity, referring to it as “black genocide.” He then mentioned Lizzo, saying: When Lizzo drops 10 pounds and reports it, the bots… attack her on Instagram for losing weight because the media wants to make it seem like being overweight is the new goal when it’s really unhealthy.

Lizzo responds to Kanye West’s body comments made on Tucker Carlson’s Tonight Show

Lizzo, a Grammy Award winner, made a powerful statement about individuals who feel the need to discuss their bodies. During her weekend concert at Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena, the Watch Out For The Big Grrrls host talked about famous people bringing up her name in interviews. The reaction came after Kanye West made comments about her weight during his recent discussion with Tucker Carlson. “I feel like everyone in America got my mother’s name in their mouth for no reason at all,” Lizzo told the crowd. I mind my thick black beauty shop. As the group shouted down her views, the well-known artist jokingly said: Can I stay here? Who can I marry for this dual citizenship?

Regardless of the amount of other headlines that Kanye West has been making lately, he mentioned Lizza during his session with Fox News on October 7th. “When Lizzo lost 10 kilos and announced it, the bots … attacked her on Instagram for being more fit, in light of the fact that the media needs to make it clear that being overweight is the new target,” he said. When it’s actually unhealthy. Let’s put aside the fact that it’s style and fashion, which it isn’t, or on the other hand, let’s assume that someone believes that it’s attractive, whatever floats their boat, Kanye West added. It is quite undesirable and for individuals to promote it – it is demonic.

This is the second time in as many months that Lizzo has felt the need to address negative remarks directed at her. At the 2022 MTV Video Music Grants, she talked about the hate she received in the media. “To those who have something to say about me in the press,” she said after receiving a Video for Good honor at the VMAs. Guess what? I won’t say anything. They say, “Lizza, why don’t you clap? What if you clapped?”? Because b***h, I win, he does. This b**h wins. Lizzo’s The Special Tour continues on October 11 at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, MN.

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