Logan Paul Revealed Why He Doesn’t Want To Fight Andrew Tate


Logan Paul doesn’t want to fight Andrew Tate. Tate has been in controversy for a long time, which led to him being banned from almost all social media platforms. However, fans were looking forward to a potential showdown between the Paul brothers and Tate. Which Logan doesn’t want to have now. But why is that?

Read ahead to learn more about Logan Paul doesn’t want to fight Andrew Tate.

Andrew Tate vs Brother Paul match

While both Jake Paul and Logan Paul are often talked about fighting one boxer or the other. We once had a rumor that Tate was going to fight the Paul brothers. In fact, Tate wanted to fight Jake Paul in 2021.

Despite what was said about Jake or Logan falling out with Andrew Tate. We never had any of the fights. However, we now find out what Logan Paul thinks about the fight with Andrew Tate.

Logan Paul doesn’t want to fight Andrew Tate

Although fans would love to see a fight between Andrew Tate and Logan Paul. The latter recently discussed this on his IMPULSIVE podcast. Where he said, “I don’t feel like kicking that guy out.” He certainly showed no interest in fighting Tate.

As he said in his podcast, “I don’t feel like giving him my blessing to be my dance partner in the boxing ring. After social media platforms made it clear how they felt about the man.” He went on to ask others like KSI not to challenge Tate to a fight. Lest I forget, KSI recently expressed his desire to fight Andrew Tate after his two wins.

Why is Andrew Tate in the spotlight so much?

Andrew Tate has long been in controversy mainly because of his comments. Some of his comments were considered hateful and disrespectful towards women. A post that faced a lot of criticism on social media. Not only that, Andrew Tate has been banned from almost all social media platforms. Recently, even his YouTube channel was nowhere to be found on the platform.

He also took down his Twitch channel. While other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Tiktok have already banned it. However, his missing social media pages are for social work, as he said in his latest video recently.

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