Marlene Schiappa: French minister criticized for Playboy cover



French government minister Marlene Schiappa has come under fire from members of her own party after appearing on the cover of Playboy magazine.

Schiappa, who has been a government minister since 2017, appeared on the magazine’s cover to accompany a 12-page interview she gave about women and LGBT rights. Schiappa, the current Minister of Social Economy and French Communities, posed for the cover in a white dress.

Schiappa is a long-time advocate for women’s rights and in 2017 was appointed the country’s first minister for gender equality. In that role, she successfully spearheaded a new sexual-harassment law that allowed women to face immediate fines. men who yell at, harass or follow women on the street.

Her appearance drew criticism from other politicians, including French Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne.

Bourne lifted Schiappa up on a blanket and told him “it was inappropriate, especially at this time,” CNN affiliate BFMTV reported Saturday, citing a source close to the prime minister.

France is currently in the throes of a political and social crisis caused by French President Emmanuel Macron’s decision to push ahead with controversial pension reforms despite massive public opposition.

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“We’re in the middle of a social crisis, there’s law enforcement, there’s people between life and death, and I feel like I’m behind the smoke,” said Sandrine Russo, an elected environmentalist and women’s rights activist. , BFMTV reported on Friday.

French politician Jean-Luc Melenchon, who came third in the 2022 presidential election, criticized both Schiappa’s appearance and French President Emmanuel Macron’s decision to give an interview to children’s magazine Pif Gadget this week.

“In a country where President Pifte and his minister speak in Playboy, the problem will be in the opposition. France is going off the rails,” Mélenchon tweeted on Saturday.

Schiappa responded to his critics in a tweet on Saturday, saying: “Protecting women’s right to control their own bodies is everywhere, always. Women are free in France. With respect to critics and hypocrites.

French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin came to Schiappa’s defense in an interview with French channel CNews on Sunday, calling her a “woman of character.”

“I wanted to say that Marlene Schiappa is a courageous politician with a character and a style that is not mine, but that I respect,” he said.

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