Michael Cohen meets with New York prosecutors investigating the Trump Org. and Stormy Daniels charges


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Former President Donald Trump’s former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, met with the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office on Tuesday, a clear sign that prosecutors are focusing on the Trump Organization’s involvement in the payments. paid adult movie star Stormy Daniels in cash.

Cohen, who arrived at the building, said he was complying with a request to meet with prosecutors.

“Called. “I was asked to come in, and we will,” he said.

After about 90 minutes, Cohen left with his attorney, Lanny Davis, saying, “The meeting went very well.” He said prosecutors asked him not to reveal what was discussed, but Cohen said, “It looks like I’m going to run into them again.”

Davis said he thinks prosecutors are “serious” about the investigation.

Cohen met with Manhattan prosecutors 13 times during the massive investigation into the Trump Org. Their meeting on Tuesday is the first in more than a year.

The prosecutor’s investigation resulted in the return of $130,000 that Daniels paid before the 2016 election to stop publicizing her relationship with Trump, people familiar with the matter said. Trump denied the story.

The district attorney’s office also reached out in recent weeks to Keith Davidson, who represented Daniels in the hush money deal, but he was not invited for an interview, a person familiar with the matter said. .

Cohen was a key player in the hush-hush scheme. He facilitated the payments and was reimbursed by the Trump Org. For transferring money to Daniels. Cohen pleaded guilty to nine federal charges, including campaign finance violations, and was sentenced to three years in prison.

Prosecutors are also investigating possible insurance fraud after new evidence emerged from the New York Attorney General’s civil investigation into the accuracy of the Trump Organization’s financial records, the sources said.

The Trump Organization, which pleaded guilty last month to a decade-long tax evasion scheme, was fined $1.6 million on Friday.

Bragg told CNN on Friday that the verdict marks the end of a chapter in the bureau’s investigation, but they are moving on to the next phase.

“It will continue as long as the facts and the law warrant,” Bragg said when asked how long the years-long investigation would last. “But as I said today, we have closed a very important chapter. So, a good part of the year has been focused on this very important chapter, and now we move on to the next chapter.

Bragg inherited an investigation focused on the accuracy of the Trump Organization’s financial records, but he has not allowed prosecutors to move forward with seeking an indictment. At that time, he said that after the investigation was completed, he would announce the charges or the investigation would be closed.

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