Michelle Yeoh threw shade at CNN’s Don Lemon during her 2023 Oscars acceptance speech


It turns lemons into lemon ombre.

Michelle Yeoh appeared to throw shade at CNN’s Don Lemon at the 2023 Oscars when she accepted the Best Actress award for her role in All At Once on Sunday.

“To all the little boys and girls watching tonight, like me, it’s a beacon of hope and possibility. This is proof that dreams can be dreamed big and dreams can come true,” Yeoh, 60, told the audience, making history as the first Asian woman to win the category.

He then added, “And ladies, don’t let anyone talk about your past. Never give up.”

Many viewers were quick to point out that Yeon’s remarks may have been in response to Lemon’s sexist comments about Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley having “been through” at age 51.

Michelle Yeoh at the 2023 Academy Awards.
Michelle Yeoh seems to have thrown some shade at Don Lemon during her 2023 Oscars acceptance speech.
Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

“Was this a swipe at @donlemon for his recent comments about women’s “best” post-quarantine past?” political commentator Stephanie Hamill tweeted.

“I think Michelle Yeoh called DonLimon during her #Oscars acceptance speech,” said a Daily Beast editor. Matt Wilstein agreed.

“Michelle Yeo coming to Don Lemon wasn’t on my #OscarBingo card 😂,” Bernie Sanders’ former publicist Briahna Joy Gray joked.

Don Lemon on CNN.
Lemon was recently dragged for calling women over 50 “primitives.”

“Check out Don Lemon’s way ‘past your good graces,’ #MichelleYeoh!!! #Oscar2023,” Bloomberg opinion columnist Robert A. George added.

However, others weren’t entirely convinced Yeo’s comments were directed at Lemon, 57, instead suggesting they were simply words of inspiration from the Oscar-winning woman. in later life.

“No. I highly doubt she thought of Don Lemon on one of the most important nights of her life. wrote a netizen. “Hollywood is notorious for setting ridiculous expiration dates on women’s careers. He is proof that it is all nonsense. Women in all walks of life are constantly discriminated against based on their age.

Michelle Yeoh to give her 2023 Oscars acceptance speech.
“Ladies, don’t let anyone tell you what you’ve been through,” Yeoh told the audience.
ABC via Getty Images

“Ohhh, I thought it was towards Hollywood in general, but I see Lemon Corner.” another wrote.

“I think that’s a word for any woman who’s been told no after 40 years in Hollywood. a third fan agreed.

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Lemon got into hot water in February when he said on CNN This Morning that he “believes the woman is in her twenties, thirties and overdue for quarantine.”

Michelle Yeoh at the 2023 Academy Awards.
She made history as the first Asian woman to win the Best Actress Oscar.
Getty Images

When her colleague Poppy Harlow asked if she was talking about “raising a family” or “being president”, Lemon kept her stance.

“If you Google ‘When does a woman peak?’ he says 20, 30 and 40,” he replied. “I’m not saying I’m okay with that, so I think (Haley) should be careful not to say that (politicians are not at their peak).

Lemon’s on-air comments caused a downfall for Harlow, 40, and angered her co-stars and many viewers. He later apologized to his staff, saying, among other things, “The people closest to me in this organization are women.

“The first people I ask for advice in this organization are women. My closest person is my mother, a woman.

Don Lemon with Poppy Harlow and Kaitlan Collins on CNN.
Many viewers thought Yoh was interested in Lemon’s comments.

The reporter took a brief hiatus from the show amid the uproar, but returned to the air a few days later when she apologized to the public on Twitter.

“I appreciate the opportunity to be back on @CNNCThisMorning today,” she wrote. “To my network, my colleagues and my amazing audience – I apologize.

“I heard you, I’m learning from you, and I’m determined to do better. See you soon.”

Michelle Yeoh holds the Oscar.
Others thought Yeh’s words were a message for Hollywood women in general.
Christopher Polk/Shutterstock

While Yeoh’s remarks about ageism in Hollywood used the same word as Lemon’s controversial comments, he’s been pushing the same message for some time.

“I turned 60 last year, and I think all of you women know that: As the days and years and numbers go by, the chances seem to diminish,” she said during her Golden Globes acceptance speech in January.

While accepting the 2023 SAG Awards last month, she told the crowd: “If I talk, I think my heart will explode. SAG-AFTRA, for those of you who understand what it’s like to get here, each of you knows the journey, the roller coaster, the ups and downs, but most of all, we never give up.

Yeoh has also been outspoken about the importance of diversity in Hollywood and celebrated being an Asian woman by winning several awards.

Reps for Yeoh and Lemon did not immediately respond to Page Six’s requests for comment.

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