Michigan Football Staffer Fired After Allegedly Trying to Meet 13-Year-Old Girl

The University of Michigan has fired football staffer Alex Yood after he was accused of attempting to meet up with a 13-year-old girl, according to reports.

The firing was confirmed on November 3 in an email sent by the university and reported by the Daily Mail.

Confronted at a liquor store holding a bottle of spirits, Yood is told that the girl he is planning to meet is only 13. He replies that he didn’t know her age but is told that some of the texts prove that he was aware she was only 13.

Men in the video also claim that Yood asked the “girl” if she was a virgin. The men follow Yood out to his car, and he drives away as they yell at him and call him a pedophile.

However, the video was apparently made by an online vigilante named Boopac Shakur, a man known for exposing sexual predators. In a wholly separate incident, Shakur was shot and killed in Michigan during an argument at the end of September.

The school apparently cut ties with Yood quickly afterward.

“Alex Yood is no longer part of the athletic department,” a school official told the Mail. “An issue was brought to our attention, and we immediately moved to handle the matter with our HR department. ”

“We are unable to comment further regarding this employment matter,” the email added.

The situation with Yood only adds to the pressures on the University of Michigan football program as allegations of sign stealing continue reverberating, spurring calls for coach Jim Harbaugh to be fired.

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