Mom Loses $100,000 in 401(K) to Tinder Scammer


The 42-year-old mother of three says she lost her 401(K) money to Tinder scammers because others came to talk about it.

A recently divorced mother says a man she met through an app convinced her to invest in fake cryptocurrency schemes right after leaving her second marriage. Daily mail reported on Sunday.

Rebecca Holloway lost more than $100,000 to a group describing herself as Fred, a French businessman who lives in Philadelphia and claims to have a daughter.

“He is the third victim to come forward in recent months in a brutal so-called ‘pig slaughter’ scam, where victims are ‘fatted’ by fake romantic relationships before being ‘slaughtered’ by bogus investment advice,” he said. To publish says the report.

In October, a “pork butcher” scam led to a warning from the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, according to reports New York Post.

Satnam Narang, senior research engineer at cyber impact management firm Tenable, told the outlet that scammers use “longer scams” by spending weeks on the same person.

They also use social media and apps like Tinder for their schemes to contact their victims and later scam them out of huge sums through cryptocurrency investments.

“Instead of nipping at your heels trying to get you for a smaller amount, they took a more detailed approach. It seems like a lot of money,” Narang added.

Speak To publish in the article, Holloway said single women in their 50s are “vulnerable” to such things.

“We have the money, but maybe we haven’t met the right person yet. “Suddenly, this handsome guy starts talking to you, and you feel better,” he says.

The woman also recalled what happened to her and admitted that there were signs, but it was difficult to recognize them because the person wanted to believe that the relationship was real.

Holloway works as a freelance marketing manager. She and Fred were paired on Tinder in March.

After talking about his cryptocurrency investments, he transferred the money to a legitimate cryptocurrency platform.

It was later reported that Holloway had collected the winnings, but “he soon cashed out his 401,000 – worth $100,000.” To publish in the article, he said he reported what happened to the Financial Sector Regulatory Authority.

According to Tinder’s website, it’s for singles looking for love, those hoping to start dating, or people looking for casual relationships.

In 2017, the viral trend saw women on Tinder scammed out of $5 to ‘see what’s going on,’” Breitbart News reported at the time.

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