MSNBC’s Jan. 6 disinformation, The Atlantic’s Crazy Economic U-turn, and more


A Diary of Disturbing Misinformation and Dangerous Delusion

Find the difference:

“The pandemic has unleashed familiar forces of hatred, fear and xenophobia. [Trump] still burning.

– Then-candidate Joe Biden on then-President Donald Trump’s travel restrictions from China, May 18, 2020.


“[Team Biden] Require travelers from China to show proof of negative COVID test”

The Post, 28 December

We say: After Trump pointed the finger at China for the coronavirus at the start of the pandemic in 2020 and imposed travel restrictions on Chinese passengers, Biden failed to call his predecessor “xenophobic.” China has its own restrictions on travelers.

This report:

An article in The Atlantic states that the economy is actually improving in “major” ways.
NY Post Compound/istock/Getty Images

We say: What a strange attempt to beautify the economy. The Atlantic’s Annie Lowry wants readers to ignore inflation, the looming recession and economic uncertainty and instead focus on easing inequality, slowing rising health care costs and doing what the country has to do. finally jobs lost during the pandemic have been restored. please Mrs. Lincoln praised the quality of the acting, direction and dialogue in the production the night Abe was shot.

This prediction is:

We say: Stanford biologist Paul Ehrlich has been predicting the end of humanity since his remarkable story Bad book “The Demographic Bomb” from 1968. However, for some reason (viewer desperation?), CBS’s “60 Minutes” felt the need to let more of his completely debunked nonsense air on Sunday. (In which case his tweets Ehrlich’s name was misspelled.)

This declaration:

“It’s not an optical issue when Capitol officers are killed.”

– MSNBC’s Rick Stengel on the chaos at the Capitol, Monday

We say: I’m sorry, but no capitol officers died in the January 6th capitol riot. Officer Brian Siknick, does dies the next day, but of natural causes.

This column:

We say: Neurotic Racial Passion at The Nation left its writers with a picture of America so disconnected from reality that The New York Times’ “Project 1619” seemed plausible. (Approx.) Neither crypto sellers nor anyone selling to black people is “robbing” their community. No one is forcing black people – or white people – to invest in anything. As The Nation himself noted, FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried personally lost $16 billion. In case the magazine hasn’t noticed, it’s white.

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