MSNBC’s Joy Reid asks GOP Rep. Donald if the presidential nomination is a GOP “diversity statement.”


MSNBC host Joey Reid asked Rep. Byron Donald (R-FL) on his show “The ReidOut” Tuesday if his Republican House colleagues called him speaker last week as a “diversity statement.”

Reid: “You’ve been appointed speaker. You served one term in Congress. What were your qualifications to be the Speaker of the Chamber?

“My teammates recognize my leadership and I think they’ve seen it in leaps and bounds,” Donalds said.

Reid: “Can you elaborate?” he asked.

“I’ve served at the state level,” Donalds said.

Reid continued: “You’ve been in one term and you’re saying that Speaker Pelosi and others in leadership will be up to the task after one term, you’ve run for leadership, and you’ve lost a leadership race for an expired House. is leading. You have not been elected to leadership, but you consider yourself qualified, even if you have never served in leadership or served only one term. Because you went back and forth with your congressional colleague who criticized the nomination because it seemed like they were really looking to you for an answer to Hakeem Jeffries.

Donald: “No. It wasn’t.

Reid: “One thing, I don’t know if you said this, but members said they wanted to emphasize the diversity of the conference. The House Republican caucus has four African-American members. The Democratic Party has 56 members. That’s why it’s different.

He said, “Don’t you think there’s an idea of ​​making a statement about diversity by putting your name on it?”

Donalds said: “It was not an idea because I was in the room when the decision was made by the people who chose to nominate me. He never came.

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