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KSI thinks he can stop Jake Paul or Tommy Fury.

Alexis Demetriades, who has been KSI’s trainer since 2019, called YouTube star Jake Paul and Tommy Fury right after their fight and said that “they both want to sleep and they can do it easily.”

Demetrias said Sky Sports News“Actually, I agree with him 100%.

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KSI’s younger brother, Deji, believes Jake Paul can beat Tommy Fury in a rematch

Tommy Fury, brother of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, won an eight-round fight against internet sensation Jake Paul last weekend. The split decision loss was Paul’s first loss in his boxing career.

KSI’s next opponent needs to step up

Demetriades – head coach at London Shootfighters martial arts gym – said: “Tommy and Jake were very tired and the volume and energy wasn’t as high.

“KSI has great power in both hands and has improved tremendously with it. He’s not a one-dimensional or one-handed fighter like some guys.”

He added: “I have no doubt that KSI will put Jake Paul and Tommy Fury to sleep.”

“KSI has a dog”

While Demetriades admits that Fury is technically a better boxer than his fighter, he believes that KSI’s attributes, “having a good chin, strength and cardio, will make it hard for Tommy Fury.”

He said: “KSI hits really hard, so if he catches Tommy, he’s going to sleep 100%.

“From what I’ve seen in the gym, KSI knocks out pro fighters, top fighters, national level guys, big name guys. He knocks them out.

“KSI has his dog.”

KSI believes he has the power to knock out trainer Jake Paul or Tommy Fury

He added: “KSI is one of the hardest workers I know and I’ve trained heavyweight champions of the world. KSI is in the left bracket, he works like those guys.

“We do two sessions on days when people should be in bed.

“Professors do a session and then they go home, but he (KSI) does that session and then goes to work. It’s really impressive and I now understand why it’s here.”

“KSI’s next opponent will give it a test”

Demetriades promised that KSI’s team will “raise the bar” for his next fight and is actively looking for someone “to test us and give KSI those rounds and look like a competitive fight.”

Although he could not share the names of his potential opponents, he confirmed that he will be an undefeated professional boxer.

He admits that Jake Paul’s challengers have motivated him to step up “awesomely”, but added: “From a fighting point of view, it’s tough because you have to train a bit before you compete. ring with legitimate killer guys, so you have to make sure you take the right steps.

“I think Jake Paul has stepped up in class and found himself with Tommy Fury. There was a hole there that wasn’t filled, and I think he fell out of there.”

KSI (Associated Press)
Team KSI Wants Jake Paul Fight (Associated Press)

“Must be KSI and Jake Paul”

The KSI-Jake Paul fight could be the biggest impact boxing fight ever and could take place in December.

“It has to be KSI and Jake Paul. It’s a £100m fight if you’re real. It’s huge,” Demetriades said.

The style matchup between Paul and KSI promises him “it’s going to be a very exciting fight.”

“Jake’s going for a big shot because he’s got a little more stamina and KSI has a little more intensity, so he’s going to look for that stoppage.”

He added: “If it doesn’t happen at the end of the year, it will be because of Jake Paul’s team. It won’t happen for us. We’ve signed arenas, so we want this fight.”

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