Naagin 6 Today’s Written Update 27th August 2022 Episode: Mehak Ends Up Her Life?


Today’s Written Update Naagin 6 27th August 2022 Episode: Mehak ends his life?, #Naagin #Today #Written #Update #27. #august #episode #Mehak #Ending #Life Welcome to BLOG 50MIND SHere’s the latest broadcast news and trends we’ve got for you today: :

Hello all entertainment enthusiasts, finally your favorite and much awaited TV drama ‘Naagin 6′ is ready for you to watch during the episode ’27. August 2022’, which you all have been eagerly waiting for, felt the excess. As Pratha is ready to ask Mehak about her daughter and that is the reason, she has also created a trap through which she will get all those answers which she has been searching for a very long time. So she calls Mehak and asks her to come to the cliff behind the temple, Mehak initially refuses to come, but then agrees when Pratha presses paint tips on her.

Today's Written Update Naagin 6 27th August 2022 Episode Mehak ends her life

After a while, Mehak reaches the cliff looking for Pratha, but she waits for him to fall into a trap, and as soon as Mehak enters Pratha, he goes ahead of her. Pratah spontaneously sets fire around the circle and says that now he will not have a single chance to come out of the circle. Mehak is shocked to see Pratha’s cleverness but he tries to be smarter by manipulating Pratha while she knows it won’t affect her at all. Because Pratha has already familiarized her with all the steps and therefore Pratha is also not paying attention to her.

Naagin 6 today episode written update

Meanwhile, Mehak asks Pratha to go inside if she wants to get her daughter’s exact location, in short Mehak is also blackmailing her and that’s why Pratha had to go inside. As soon as she enters, Mehak starts showing her his true colors without telling her a word about his daughter. Mehak incites Pratha and angers her at the same time so that she can take an inappropriate step and come out. This is why Pratha lost her temper and attacked Mehak but did not hurt her.

As soon as Mehak sees the knife in Prath’s hand, she holds her hand and injures herself by letting her secret go with her, and spontaneously jumps into the abyss. Now Pratha has lost all hope of reaching her daughter as only she and Urvashi know everything about her daughter and unfortunately both of them are no more in this world. So now it will be amazing to watch Pratha learn more things, don’t miss the show airing on Colors at the right time and stay tuned with us for more details.


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