NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope captures ghostly light between galaxies


Galaxy clusters are active habitats of many galaxies.

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope continues to provide us with amazing images of planets, stars and galaxies. Since the launch and deployment of the Space Shuttle Discovery in 1990, it has revolutionized astronomy.

According to NASA, a recent infrared survey by the Hubble Space Telescope looked for this “light within the cluster.” Hubble’s new observations show that these stars have been wandering for billions of years and are not the product of recent dynamical activity in the galaxy cluster that displaces them from normal galaxies.

“The study included 10 galaxy clusters up to about 10 billion light-years away.”

Observations have also shown that intracluster space in the early universe was illuminated by the faint, diffuse light of single stars; these stars have traveled alone for a long time.

“This means that the stars were homeless early in the formation of the clusters,” said James Ji of Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea. Its results have been published Nature Journals Issue of January 5.

“We don’t know exactly what made them homeless. “Current theories cannot explain our results, but somehow they were produced in large quantities in the early universe,” Ji said. “During their early formative years, galaxies were very small, and they easily shed stars because of the weak gravitational pull.”

“If we can trace the origin of the stars within the cluster, it will help us understand the assembly history of the entire galaxy cluster, and they may serve as a visible trace of the dark matter surrounding the cluster,” said first author Hyunjin Joo of Yonsei University. . paper.

Galaxies and clusters of galaxies are united by the invisible circle of the universe – dark matter.

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