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There are types of products you buy for your child’s pleasure and comfort that you would never expect to cause injury or death. However, more products are being recalled due to safety concerns than in previous years, and safety advocates fear that recall news is not reaching parents in time.

Elected leaders and child safety advocates spoke at Lurie Children’s Hospital on Tuesday, urging consumers to be aware of product recalls and urging regulators to tighten safety standards.

U.S. Congressman Ian Schakowsky of the Ninth District said, “I think most Americans go to the store thinking that someone is protecting them from things that could kill or seriously injure their children. Illinois. “Sure, we’d all like to think so.”

According to Nancy Coles, executive director of Chicago-based nonprofit Kids in Danger (KID), the report found 2022 to be the highest number of recalls in a decade.

“Last year saw the highest number of recalls since 2013,” explained Coles. “100 baby products recalled, more than five million individual units”.

KID has released its annual report, Hidden Hazards: 2022 Children’s Product Recalls, on important product recalls that parents should be aware of and keep out of the home.

To read the full report, click here.

One example mentioned in the report is the Pillowfort weighted blanket.

The blanket was recalled last year after two girls, ages four and six, died of suffocation in North Carolina, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The quilts were sold at retail stores and Target.

One of the “Pillow Weight Blankets” recalled by Target and the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Target advised anyone who purchased the cover to stop using it and return it immediately for a refund.

Coles is calling on the Consumer Product Safety Commission to step up enforcement on online platforms and third-party retailers that continue to make money from recalled products.

“Not enough to warn families,” Coles added.

A spokesperson for the Consumer Product Safety Commission told NBC 5 Responds in part, “CPSC’s E-Safe team checks the Internet every day for recalled and defective products to be sold online. In fact, we filed nearly 55,000 refunds last year. This work will not end.”

Parents and guardians can help by reporting any unsafe products to the CPSC. Click here to learn how.

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