News envelope: Californians brace for another winter storm


Amna Nawaz:

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said today that even if the Russians captured Bakhmut, it would be a victory.

More than 20 people face domestic terrorism charges in Atlanta after Sunday’s violent protests across the country. It happened at the construction site of the new police training center. CCTV footage showed protesters throwing burning bottles, fireworks and rocks. Construction equipment was also burned. This project has been burning for several months. In January, police shot and killed a protester.

California to stop doing business with Walgreens after the drugstore chain stopped selling the abortion pill mifepristone in Republican states. Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom tweeted today that he is “done” with any company that “stands against extremists and puts women’s lives at risk.” Newsom ordered publicly funded insurance plans to review all transactions with Walgreens.

The US Department of Transportation has announced that three major airlines have agreed to waive the family seat fee in some cases. American, Alaska and Frontier Airlines said they will allow parents with young children to sit together at no extra charge if there is room at the time of booking. These carriers will get a green tick in the new dashboard, which goes live today.

And Wall Street marked a special time today. The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 40 points to 33,431. The Nasdaq fell 13 points. The S&P 500 rose by two.

News Hour: Iran vows to punish anyone found guilty of poisoning school-age girls; speeches by leading Republicans reflect voters’ choices about their party’s direction; commemoration of the eternal works of the defender of the rights of the disabled; And so on and so forth.


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