News Roundup: White House Bans TikTok From Government-Issued Devices


Jeff Bennett:

More than two-thirds of American teenagers use TikTok.

China has also rejected the US Department of Energy’s assessment that COVID-19 may have originated from a lab leak in Wuhan. Beijing said today it was “open and transparent” and believed the virus had spread from animals to humans.

Meanwhile, California officially ended its state of emergency for COVID today. Only five states still have declared states of emergency, Delaware, Illinois, New Mexico, Rhode Island and Texas.

President Biden announced today that he will nominate Julie Sue as Secretary of Labor. Now he is an assistant secretary. If confirmed by the Senate, he would be the administration’s first Asian American cabinet member. Su replaces Marty Walsh, who is leaving to lead the National Hockey League Players Association.

And on Wall Street, stocks ended February on fears that inflation was under control and interest rates could rise. The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 232 points today to close at 32,656. The Nasdaq lost 11 points. S&P 500 12. For the month, the Dow Jones is down 4%, the Nasdaq is down 1% and the S&P is down 2.6%.


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