NH woman found dead 50 years ago has been identified



CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — Investigators have identified the body of a woman found in New Hampshire 50 years ago as a Massachusetts resident who was supposed to meet her family at the airport as she prepared to move to Texas but never did. . .

Kathy Ann Alston in November 1967. – New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office

Forensics and assistance from the DNA Doe Project, a nonprofit organization that uses investigative genetic genealogy, helped identify 26-year-old Katherine Ann Alston of Boston, the district attorney’s office said Monday. General of New Hampshire.

His remains were found on October 6, 1971 in the woods of Bedford, New Hampshire. It’s been three months since he died. Investigators have ruled her death a homicide, but have not determined a cause.

“We are committed to pursuing this case and will continue to work tirelessly with our law enforcement partners to pursue any avenues that may help determine who may be responsible for Ms. Alston’s death,” the attorney general said. John Formela.

There are no records of anyone reporting Alston missing. He was born in Chelsea, Massachusetts, graduated from Dorchester High School in 1963, and attended Boston University. She married fellow student Ralph Lawson Garrett Jr. at Newton in 1967, but they later divorced. Garrett has since died and “there is no evidence to suggest that the divorce was not amicable,” the attorney general’s office said.

In the late summer of 1971, Alston’s parents and siblings moved from Massachusetts to Texas, where his father’s family lived. Her younger siblings said they were supposed to pick her up at Logan Airport, but she never did.

“I don’t know what the family dynamic was between him and his parents,” said Benjamin Agathi, a senior assistant attorney general. “I don’t know what was said either, but I can say that after the (genetic) match was made and we got a chance to talk to his family members, they just said after mom and dad moved them, they never saw him again and they never spoke to him.

The parents are dead, and Alston’s family declined to comment, a spokeswoman for the office said.

She was said to be living with a male roommate on Beacon Street in Boston at the time of her death. New Hampshire Cold Case Unit investigators are trying to find him and anyone associated with him, including Boston, Dorchester and Sommerville residents from 1963-1971 and Boston University students from 1963 and 1967.

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