Nick Mara Is Leaving the Band, is PRETTYMUCH still together in 2022?


PRETTYMUCH’s Nick Mara has announced that he will be leaving the group to “pursue new endeavors as an individual”. The band released an announcement on Friday, October 7, saying goodbye to Nick Mara while assuring fans that they will continue to make music with the four members. The band, which has four different members in addition to Nick Mar—Edwin Honoret, Brandon Arreaga, Zion Kuwonu, and Austin Poter—also shared their new single, “H2L,” which was produced by the remaining members of the group. The single, which they describe as a Web3 single, is the band’s first independent release and is entirely written and produced by the band members, as noted in their post.

“Maybe we’d like to start by saying we love you all for sticking with us and showing us endless love for the past six and a half years,” the band said in a statement. We’ve had some really tough discussions as a band over the past month, and it’s not at all easy to let you know, but important nonetheless. Nick Mara is officially leaving the band. The band is responsible for the R&B hit ‘Would You Mind’, which peaked at number 40 on the Billboard Pop Airplay chart. The American-Canadian boy group was put together by Simon Cowell in 2016, as well as other famous groups such as One Direction and Little Mix. This is not the end of PRETTYMUCH, the band said in a statement. It’s basically a new beginning where we can finally take care of you all the music and content you deserve, in our own way!

Nick Mara announces that he is leaving the band PRETTYMUCH

THE BOYS OF PrettyMuch say goodbye to one of the group members. On Friday, the group responsible for hits like ‘Phases’ and ‘Summer On You’ announced that after some very difficult discussions as a band, Nick Mara has decided to leave the group to ‘pursue new endeavors as a person. The boy group thanked their fans for sticking with them for the past six and a half years and shared the first taste of the new PrettyMuch with the release of a song titled H2L.

No matter where Nick Mara goes or what he decides to pursue, most of us will continue to cherish him as a brother and support him as family on his new journey through everyday life! the band wrote, linking to a podcast on Patreon explaining their change. “This is not the end of PrettyMuch. It’s basically a fresh start where we can finally take care of you, the people, and the music and content you deserve! If it’s important to him, Nick Mara shared an explanation on his own social media, in which he expressed gratitude to his former teammates for being with him “through the ups and downs.” It’s time for me to reset. After a long thought, I understood that I see a different direction for myself to really try bravely, composed by Nick Mara. This was the hardest choice I had to make and one I’ve been waiting for for a year.

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