NOFX To Break Up After 2023 Officially Confirmed


NOFX, the Los Angeles punk band known for their songs ‘Linoleum’ and ‘Don’t Call Me White,’ will already be a group in 2023. On Wednesday, frontman Fat Mike nonchalantly dropped the message in the comments section of a post on his Instagram page. A confused fan asked the singer’s bassist why NOFX barely perform in Canada. The fan got an answer, but it probably wasn’t the one he expected. Actually, We love Canada, it’s just that in a year it will be our last year, replied NOFX frontman Fat Mike, whose real name is Michael John Burkett.

We will be announcing our last show soon. It was an amazing run. This run started pretty much back in 1983, when Fat Mike, guitarist Eric Melvin, and drummer Erik Sandin were founding members of the band. In 1991, Aaron El Hefe Abeyta joined NOFX as lead guitarist and trumpet player. Responding to another comment on his Instagram post, frontman Fat Mike said that Los Angeles will be the last place we play. That’s where we started, that’s where we’ll end.

NOFX has yet to release an official announcement of the impending breakup, however Rolling Stone has confirmed the news. The group released their first record titled “Thalidomide Child” in 1984 and released their first self-titled EP a year later. NOFX’s debut album, “Liberal Animation”, appeared in 1988 and featured songs such as “Beer Bong” and “Shut Up Yet”. A second album titled “S&M Airlines” was reportedly released in 1989.

LA Punk Band NOFX to break up in 2023 after 40 years

NOFX will disband a year from today, frontman Fat Mike has reportedly revealed. Formed in 1983, the Los Angeles-based punk-rock band released their 14th and latest record titled “Single Album” in February 2021. This summer, the band named their own Punk In Drublic celebrations across Europe and North America. in addition, he played both versions of Slam Dunk 2021 in Leeds and Hatfield last September.


In response to a comment on one of his new Instagram posts, Fat Mike wrote Next year will be [NOFX’s] last year. We will be announcing our last show soon. It was an amazing run. The revelation came after a follower asked Fat Mike what legitimate reason the band barely came to Canada to play live shows. After fans got wind of the news, another user asked if NOFX would be performing in LA before disbanding. Fat Mike replied that Los Angeles would be the last place we would play. That’s where we started, that’s where we’ll end.


Last year’s NOFX will also mark the group’s 40th anniversary. Fat Mike and co’s ongoing run of their Punk In Drublic traveling celebration is expected to wrap up in Asbury Park, New Jersey on October 2nd. The “Single Album” was originally set up as a double record, but the COVID pandemic changed NOFX’s arrangement. The moment you write a double album, you write in an unexpected way, Mike explained beforehand. I made really different songs and some fun tunes, but you have to make a double album fascinating enough to pay attention the whole way. I needed to make the perfect double album, and I didn’t manage to do that. So I decided to simply make a single album and then the title.

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