Oscars 2023: ABC7’s Champagne Carpet Highlights with Jamie Lee Curtis


Los Angeles (KGO) — There’s nothing quite like the glamor and mayhem of the Oscars. I haven’t been there since 2020, when the pandemic started and there were big changes. Not just the color of the mat or the course, it’s not so much, it gave better access to the stars and memorable moments.

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It was all about Hollywood royalty hitting the champagne carpet at the last minute before the carpet closed for the Oscars matinee and showing it off to the camera.

Media and guests from all over the world took advantage of their free time to take lots of photos and videos. We’re on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” We arrested Guillermo Rodriguez from the movie. saw him pouring liquid into a vial and asked how he prepared for Oscar.

“By bringing tequila!” Would you like some?

I politely declined considering my pregnancy.

“Well, you lost!” He was joking!

Around 1:30 p.m., the media is ordered off the mat to make way for the stars. That’s why we do everything we can to get an interview.

VIDEO: Here’s a sneak peek at the swag for the nominees

Celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck has been preparing for the Oscars for nearly 30 years, and after seeing him wearing two small gold Oscars, I stopped him next to someone else wearing a large gold Oscar. I said, “Is this chocolate because I’m hungry?” I asked.

He said it was indeed a 24-karat gold-plated chocolate Oscar. He made 3000 tenge for the guests.

After he handed me two small Oscars, I thanked him and told him that I would eat one and give the other to my son one day.

“If the baby is a boy, you will name him Wolfgang!” he shouted.

Jamie Lee Curtis, the first Oscar nominee in her 45-year career, is here.

VIDEO: Jamie Lee Curtis Wins Best Supporting Actress

When I asked him “why did it take so long” he pointed to my stomach and replied “why did it take so long”.

When I asked her a few hours later about her fate of winning Best Supporting Actress, she calmly said, “It was my fate to work in this film.”

Before we knew it, all the stars had entered the Dolby Theater and it was time to enjoy the show. For the first time, each category had a nominee born outside the United States

Immediately, Ke Hui Quan gave a heartfelt congratulatory speech for winning the Best Supporting Actor statue.

VIDEO: Decades after becoming a child star, Ke Hui Quan struggles to find work.

“My mother is 84 years old, she is watching at home. Mom, I just won an Oscar!” She passed through a waterfall of tears. He shared his refugee past and how incredible it was that he was now on the Oscars stage. “It’s the American Dream!” He announced.

As for Jamie Lee Curtis and her “luck”, she won her first Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Stephanie Hsu, who co-starred with Curtis, didn’t win, but was still grateful to be nominated. He sent the message to supporters of “Everything, Everywhere, At Once” at a Bay Area watch party.

“I love the bay and I hope this party has some good Asian food! »

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