Patrice Evra, a former member of the club, knows that Juventus will recover


Patrice Evra, who is now retired, has been closely following Juventus’ season. The former France captain and Juventus player, who plays as a left-back, has remained silent following the many scandals that have dogged Juventus for weeks. If the old woman gets hurt, the club will surely recover.

Tricolor posted a video through his Twitter account and he is supporting the Bianconeri in this very dark period. However, he knows that Juventus is not dead and that he can get out of this delicate situation. He believes in the new direction of Turin.

Here is his message:

“Hello to all, my dear Juventini, to all my true backs, because you must be a real hunk right now. As I always say, I don’t need Juventus, I love Juventus, that’s the difference. It’s a difficult moment, we managed to write 15 points, it’s not the first time and it hurts, but who is to blame? I’m not here to show who is better, but I ask all players and leaders just one thing: respect this shirt, give it your all. We don’t need 11 lions, I want to go back!

Honestly, how many years have these people been using us to hurt them? Not flying, winning on the field, we’ve eaten them all, nine championships in a row, so enjoy it for now, but the old lady never dies, she’s hurt, but she’ll come back and she’ll come back because history never dies. don’t come crying. So now I’m asking all the real gobbies to stay in the team, because it’s easy to like him when things are good, but now we need everything for Juve, until the end. I love the old lady, sorry for not making this video sooner, but I really wanted to say it. I have never forgotten you and I will never forget you.’


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