Pedro Castillo was subpoenaed by the audit committee this Wednesday to testify in the Anguia case


Ex-president Pedro Castillo The Audit and Oversight Commission has been called to testify this Wednesday Anguilla conditionwhere he attends with his wife Lilia Paredes and his sister-in-law, newbiePart of a criminal organization for fraudulent government tenders in Lima, Cajamarca and Amazonas.

The leader of this parliamentary group, Hector Ventura (Popular Power), announced that the former president was obliged to give his defense as a witness in the preparatory investigation.

“Pedro Castillo’s deposition has been rescheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday, March 1. According to Article 97 of the Constitution, he is obliged to appear before the Control Commission. Even more so because he is no longer president and he has no court,” Ventura tweeted.

Prosecutors issued a subpoena on the same day that prosecutors asked for 36 months of pretrial detention for criminal organization, conspiracy and influence crimes against Castillo, who was jailed for plotting a self-coup, and his former ministers Gainer Alvarado and Juan Silva. If approved, this would mean jailing the former head of state for at least three years.


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