Pilot Cory Patterson Stolen Plane Threatening to Crash It Into Walmart


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A Mississippi man, Cory Patterson, has been identified as the man who stole a plane from the Tupelo Airport and threatened to fly it into a local Walmart before landing it safely in a field hours later.

Cory Patterson was arrested after allegedly stealing a small plane

The rogue employee eventually landed in a field after a five-hour flight over Tupelo, Mississippi, and nearly ran out of gas. Law enforcement officials told the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal that the suspect has been identified as Cory Patterson. Police have not yet publicly confirmed the identity of the suspect.

Under a post on a Facebook account in Patterson’s name, the worker appeared to have sent his family a disturbing goodbye message.

The message – which has since been deleted by Facebook – read: “Apologies to everyone. I never meant to hurt anyone. I adore my parents and sister, it’s not your fault. Hi.’

The Benton County Sheriff’s Office verified that the plane landed safely and the suspect was taken into custody. The jet, described as a Beechcraft King Air 90, began circling over Tupelo, Mississippi at about 5 a.m. and was in the air for more than five hours.

The flight path over Tupelo turned out to be irregular

But then the worker was spotted heading north and circling Ripley Airport. With only five hours of fuel left in the tank, authorities believe the plane was dangerously close to being depleted. The Tupelo Regional Airport worker was confirmed by Daily Journal sources.

Authorities said the worker threatened to break into the Walmart in Tupelo on purpose. A Twitter user tweeted a video of the plane and wrote: “We currently have a 29-year-old who stole this plane and is threatening to crash it into anything.

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The user also reported that police, ambulances and fire trucks were everywhere. Walmart, the adjacent Dodge dealership, and entire communities were reportedly evacuated in Tupelo. A Twitter user said: “My parents area is being evacuated.” A Walmart representative said, “The store is currently closed and evacuated.”

“We are working closely with local investigators and referring questions to law enforcement.” Governor Tate Reeves posted a statement on Twitter: “State law enforcement and emergency managers are actively monitoring this dangerous situation. “All people should be on the lookout for updates from the Tupelo Police Department.” Officials urged people to avoid the area until the all-clear is given.

No information is currently known about Cory Patterson’s parents.

Cory Patterson’s career, what is his occupation?

An airport worker stole a plane and threatened to crash it into a Walmart in Mississippi. The rogue employee finally landed in a field after a five-hour flight. Law enforcement sources told local media that the suspect has been identified as Cory Patterson.

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