Pinamar: A 71-year-old woman from Rosario is in intensive care after being hit by a wave.


A 71-year-old man and another 50-year-old man had to be helped on the beaches of Pinamar (Mathias Arbotto).

Authorities and staff responsible for safety at the beaches of Pinamar had to act yesterday to help two tourists who were injured in the sea. One of the injured is a man 71 yearsborn rosary beadshe was dragged by a wave, hit his head on the sand, and passed out in the middle of the water: since then he has been in the hospital, in a serious condition, because the blow damage to the bone in the cervical spine.

The incident took place on Thursday afternoon at the Barlovento spa in the Ostend region. The man from Rosario was immediately pulled from the sea and along with rescuers, a volunteer firefighter who was sometimes there. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuvers were performed. In a few minutes, the ambulance took him to the city hospital.

“What happened to him, when the wave hit him, he passed out bronchial aspiration, that is, the sea water went into his lungs. “It wasn’t that he had a heart attack (as first thought), but the shock knocked him over and he passed out in the water,” he said. information city ​​health secretary Eduardo D’Agostino. “He is currently in the intensive care unit with spinal cord compression and a bone fracture in his cervical spine. He is being ventilated with mechanical ventilation,” the official added.

71-year-old man in intensive care (Gustavo Gavotti)

But that’s not all, because another emergency happened in the northern part of the resort town, near the Cocodrilo hostel. There is a man from Buenos Aires 50 years he had to be treated urgently for “acute loss of motor sensation”; he couldn’t move,” D’Agostino described. And he said: “He was in shock, not from trauma, not from compression of the spinal column. I could not feel my hands and feet“.

Esteban MaggiThis was said by the head of Playas de Pinamar Security information According to those who were at the scene, the man fell into the sea with a board, and after some time, he got out with two minor children. “That’s when he started to feel bad, so they immobilized him, put a neck brace, a board, and sent him to the hospital.” According to sources, his evolution was favorable and this morning he was sent to a private clinic in Buenos Aires.

Two accidents on the beach in Pinamar (Mathias Arbotto)
Two accidents on the beach in Pinamar (Mathias Arbotto)

In Pinamar, there are 13 kilometers of permitted bathing, a total of 22 kilometers along the entire coast from Carrillo to the La Frontera area. The Beach Safety Unit has 130 lifeguards this summer, working from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. In addition, another 250 are hired at the private spa (they work from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., but on a rotating basis, which means two lifeguards per position). In addition, five 4×4 trucks, three quadricycles, two boats and 70 automated external defibrillators (AEDs) they are distributed in every hotel, rescue vehicles and certain strategic positions.

This Friday I had to turn on the assistive device twice: “We had two people out of balance because it was so hot.”. Today’s temperature was over 30 degrees, and the waves were “more or less the same height as yesterday, but because the wind and current have changed,” Maggi explained.

Referring to sea conditions on Thursday, the official explained that “the waves were not excessive and there were no very dangerous conditions”. In addition, he said that interventions are more common during the season and advised tourists to “always consult the people in charge of security there” as a solution.

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