Professional Pastry Chef for Five President, Roland Mesnier, Passed Away At 78


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Roland Mesnier was a professional French franchise American pastry chef. He served 25 years of his working years in the White House as a pastry chef. He earned his reputation by working and serving the Presidents of the United States.

He served a total of 5 different presidents of the United States. He was a creative genius in this pastry work. He is one of the longest serving White House chefs.

Roland Meisner, pastry chef for presidents, has died at the age of 78

Famed pastry chef Roland Meisner, one of the White House’s longest-serving chefs, died on August 26, 2022, in Burke, Virginia, at the age of 78. He died of cancer on August 22. His death was confirmed by the White House on Saturday. Historical Society.

He often created magical desserts for 5 presidents in the White House and also wrote a book called “All the President’s Pastries” before his death. His family is devastated and heartbroken after his death.

Roland Meissner Nascency and Bio

Mesnier was born on July 4, 1944 in Bonnay, France. He was born into a family of nine children in the remote Bonnay valley in France. Roland was born into a large family in a small village. He became interested in becoming a chef when he first visited his brother’s bakery in a nearby town.

Roland was delighted by the smell of fresh fruit in the kitchen. When he was 14, his mother arranged for him a scholarship in a pastry shop in Besancon. He worked six days a week from 6 to 8 o’clock. First he learned to make cake, brioche and croissants.

Roland Meissner Professional career as a confectioner

When he was 14 years old, his mother apprenticed him in a pastry shop. he worked there 6 days a week. Like other young students, he was given only low-quality assignments. And later he learned to make cakes and pastries. At the age of 17, he passed his apprenticeship exam and began looking for a job that could enhance his skills and reputation.

He gradually found his way to Paris, where he worked in a restaurant and pastry shop. He soon got the hang of it, and on the advice of his employer, he then went to West Germany, where the techniques were more advanced. He was hired as White House pastry chef by Rosalynn Carter in 1979 and retired on July 30, 2004.

The Roland Meisner Relation

Roland Mesnier was married to Martha Whiteford. She was an American teacher from West Virginia and they married in 1969 and two years later, in 1971, they had one son, George.

Martha died 7 months ago (in January).

Roland MeissnerNet worth

Roland Meisner’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million. He gained his wealth through his profession as a confectioner and food writer. How he served in the White House for about 25 years.

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Social media

He was followed by many chefs around the world. Because he was one of the greatest confectioners in the universe. He has an account on his Facebook where he posts recipes and meals.

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