“Prove it” – Simon Jordan invites Conor Benn to meet with the British Boxing Control Board and prove his innocence after a positive drug test, despite the WBC not imposing any punishment.


Simon Jordan Conor Benn is demanding to prove his innocence to the British Boxing Board of Control after two of his drugs tests came back positive.

The 26-year-old tested positive twice for the banned substance clomiphene in VADA (Voluntary Anti-Doping Association) drug tests last year, prompting the BBBofC to ban him from his planned fight against Chris Eubank Jr.

Benn tested positive for a banned substance in two drug tests over the course of several months, but the WBC will not penalize him.
Mark Robinson/Machroom Boxing

Benn has been at loggerheads with the BBBofC in recent months, and is now considering a £3.5m claim from the British authorities.

Due to the complex and tense nature of the situation, two separate investigations were conducted into the testing – one by the WBC sanctioning body and the other by the BBBofC/UKAD (UK Anti-Doping).

Benn’s representatives are cooperating with the WBC investigation by submitting a 270-page document opposing his case. The BBBofC/UKAD investigation has not seen this document.

Last week, the WBC announced its conclusion – it will restore Benn to the world welterweight ranking and face no penalty.

They ruled there was no “conclusive evidence” that he ingested clomiphene intentionally or unintentionally, and accepted Benn’s “extremely high consumption of eggs” as a “plausible explanation” for the positive tests.

The BBBofC/UKAD investigation has yet to be resolved.

Jordan wants Benn to face a BBBofC/UKAD investigation

Jordan had his two take on the matter on talkSPORT on White and Jordan on Tuesday, and he didn’t hold back.

He began: “The only way to prove this is to sit in front of the British Boxing Board and give them enough evidence to bypass the strict liability requirement that they have to get a British licence. Box control panel.

“The WBC has no jurisdiction here. It is a sanctioning body, they have no licensing authority.

“If they choose to ease the burden of proof to suggest a diet that they didn’t disclose last year when asked about eggs and his diet – when asked about his diet, eggs were not an integral part of it. he eats an omelet once in a while.

Benn has always maintained that he has never knowingly ingested an illegal substance.
Mark Robinson / The Match Room

“If they want to present the burden of proof, of course, ‘OK, where did her eggs come from?’ Who was the producer?

“An athlete like Shelby Houlihan (Olympic runner) had to go on the track – and she was still banned by US sports authorities because she had to.

“Strict liability is the key phrase. The British Boxing Board of Control issued a press release shortly after the WBC allowed Conor to return to their rankings.

“By the way, I think Conor is a lovely young man and I wish he wasn’t in this situation, that’s the last thing I want for him.

The BBBofC said Benn would not be allowed to box in the UK until he proved his innocence.

“But it’s a case of everything from the lawyers he spoke with Mike Morgan to their relationship with the British Boxing Board to the behavior of the promoters.

“People think I have a program against Eddie Hearn, I don’t have a program against Eddie Hearn.”

Jordan continued: “Only Conor Benn can answer the question, only Conor Benn can answer the charge that his power has grown dramatically over the last two years.

“I’d like to think he’s not (taking banned substances).

Benn is promoted by Matchroom boss Hearn
Mark Robinson / The Match Room

“The problem is that when you have a strict liability obligation, they have . . .

“There’s no need to tie people up in legal knots if you’re innocent of something. They have not proven their innocence.

“This (WBC decision) is not a decision of the British Boxing Board of Control…

“The Dietary Argument. I’m not saying it’s wrong. All I can offer is proof. Don’t just say it, prove it.

The WBC accepted Benn’s egg interpretation

“Where do these eggs come from?” Because clomiphene is not found in eggs from this country, it is only found in eggs from America. Did he buy his eggs from America?

“You should be able to look for the eggs she got.”

“Because like Shelby Houlihan, she was assigned liability using very specific terminology — strict liability — what’s in your body, you have to be able to explain.

“You have to be able to explain it unequivocally, unequivocally. Throwing it in the air, he said, “It was an egg. You must be able to prove the path.

Benn must return to the ring in a foreign country under a foreign license

“This girl in America’s private investigators discovered that nandrolone was added to her burritos at a grocery store in America because they mistakenly put wild boar meat in them.

“However, he still received a four-year ban because the obligation was imposed on him.

“In the WBC world, they say, ‘Give us whatever you think is a credible explanation. Well, eggs? Good. We can’t prove that you didn’t eat eggs, so how come.

“The British Boxing Board said, ‘No, no, no, no. You need to do more. Not only do you need to do more, you need to come to us.


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