Pusha T And McDonald’s Controversy Explained: Rapper Disses McDonald’s McRib On Behalf of Arby


Pusha T is out with another diss track towards McDonald’s and this time it’s for the McRib, but what’s up with the beef? A few months earlier, Pusha T teamed up with Arby’s and came up with a jingle for them. In the midst of this, he decided to throw some shade at McDonald’s as well. Pusha T has a main beef, but this time it involves a sandwich. For a promotional campaign with fast food chain Arby’s, Pusha T delivered a country-inspired video for ‘Rib Roast’, a diss track taking a jab at McDonald’s McRib sandwich and zooming in on Arby’s Real Country Style Rib sandwich.

Pusha T gets heated and apologizes for McDonald’s mystery meat compared to Arby’s. In collaboration with the fast food chain, Pusha also dropped Arby’s Real Country Style Collection, limited edition merchandise including T-shirts, jackets and scarves. He’s no stranger to fast food-based rap feuds either. More recently, the rapper has partnered with Arby’s and voiced their commercials. Recently, Pusha T delivered a “spicy Fish Diss” targeting McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish sandwich for Arby’s fish sandwiches.

Beef between rapper Pusha T and McDonald

The drama started when Pusha T added to the popular jingle “I’m love it it” along with Justin Timberlake. According to Cheatsheet, Justin was paid $6 million and Pusha T $500,000 for the piece. He doesn’t get any royalties for it, and that means he doesn’t earn anything through the tune. The difference in their payments was a result of the number of fans and visibility the two artists had at the time. Since the rapper was very new in the industry and Justin Timberlake was a notable name, their salary also varied accordingly. According to Spoon University, The Neptunes supplied the song, and Pharrell Williams was credited as the writer of the tune along with Tom Batoy, Franco Tortora and Andreas Forberger, Heye’s creative director.

Pusha T’s name isn’t mentioned, but translation advertising agency CEO Steve Stoute came forward in 2016 and vouched that the rapper composed the tune. Be that as it may, McDonald’s has not commented on it. On September 27th, The rapper decided to make another diss track and this time he called it McRib. One minute and twenty seconds into the song, the song goes on to say that Arby’s has real country style meat and McDonald’s has nothing against them. This is not the first time the rapper has appeared with a diss track. A few months earlier, he delivered a diss track for McDonald’s filet-o-fish. Both these rappers have figured out how to get the attention of many and social media is loving how the rapper went against Mcdonald’s. In the midst of this, McDonald’s made no announcement about what was going on.

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