Rapper NBA YoungBoy Expecting Another Child “Dangerous Love”


NBA rapper YoungBoy hinted that he has another child on the way through a cryptic post on social media. NBA rapper YoungBoy made a rare appearance on his Instagram account on Sunday, posting a photo gallery that appears to give fans an update on his life. In one of the shots, a woman’s hand is rocking a massive diamond ring on her finger and supporting a baby bump. Artist Last Slimeto just captioned the photos “Dangerous Love”. The photo has fans speculating that he is expecting his 9th child, despite the fact that there is no official confirmation of the number of children YB has fathered.

Despite the fact that NBA rapper YoungBoy did not identify the lady in the photo, fans believed that the mother-to-be is Jazlyn Mychelle. Individuals are also comparing the young rapper to Nick Cannon, who recently announced that he is expecting his tenth child in October with Abby De La Rosa, the mother of his twins Zion and Zillion. In January 2021, YB welcomed a child with Iyanna Mayweather, the daughter of retired undefeated fighter Floyd Mayweather. It was his seventh child at the time. Currently, the NBA YoungBoy is said to be the father of Kentrell, Kayden, Kacey, Kodi, Kamiri, Amarni, Taylin and Alice. Ideally, the 22-year-old rapper will really want to leave soon for his planned US tour to reconnect with his fans and bring some extra income to the family. He’s got a lot of mouths to take care of.

NBA YoungBoy

Rapper NBA YoungBoy has apparently confirmed that he is expecting another child

The NBA YoungBoy reportedly hinted that he is expecting his ninth child after posting a picture of his baby bump and ring on his Instagram. The 22-year-old sparked rumors after posting a round of pictures to his Instagram account, one of which featured a baby bump and a huge glowing ring on a lady’s hand. The rapper’s girlfriend is Jazlyn Mychelle, so it seems she’s pregnant again after they welcomed their first child, Alice, in 2021. He called the various pictures “Dangerous Love”, which allowed his 10 million followers. was expecting his 9th child. Despite being 22 years old, YoungBoy has eight children with seven women and is currently reportedly expecting his 9th. NBA YoungBoy has five boys and three girls – Kentrell, Kayden, Kacey, Kodi, Kamiri, Amarni, Taylin and Alice.

While the rapper didn’t name or tag the lady in the latest picture, fans accept that it’s his girlfriend Jazlyn Mychelle, who can’t confirm the news at this time. Others compared the rapper to American personality Nick Cannon, who is now expecting his 9th and 10th child with two different ladies. Him and Nick Cannon running a race or something?, said one in the comments section of his Instagram post. In 2017, a biological test confirmed that the NBA YoungBoy was not the father of one of his children, Kamron, born in 2016 to mom Starr Thigpen. In any case, he said he would “raise him as his own, even though he’s not biologically related.” Neither NBA YoungBoy nor Jazlyn Mychelle have commented on the news, however, the reality of the situation will surface one day.

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