RECAP: Shay’s death on Chicago Fire explained


We’ve met so many characters in Chicago Fire over the years, it’s inevitable that some details will slip through the cracks in fans’ memories from time to time.

Chicago Fire, Med and PD make up the much-loved Chicago Wednesdays on NBC, but it all started with Fire, the first installment of Wolf Entertainment’s famous Chicago franchise.

Premiering on the network in 2012, it’s been a long time since the doors of the fictional Firehouse 51 opened and introduced us to the world of Chicago firefighters. Sure, everyone has their favorites, but with the show’s recent return for Season 11, we were forced to remember a character from the past.

Not only that, but the audience also cares about Shay’s death in Chicago Fire. But first, who was he?

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Who was Shay on Chicago Fire?

Leslie Shay (played by Lauren German) made her series debut in the pilot and reprized the role for the first two seasons.

As a paramedic in Firehouse 51, she worked closely with Gabby Dawson ((Monica Raymund), and the pair began to form a closer relationship in earlier seasons.

She was basically known for standing her ground and asserting herself in difficult, tense situations, which could cause a rift between her and others on certain occasions, which brings us to episode 2 of season 4 titled A Nuisance Call.

Shay and Dawson were assigned to diffuse a potentially deadly situation involving a man with a gun. While Dawson was combative, Shay was more sympathetic, but a man took his own life, causing Shay to withdraw and their friendship to be tested.

Shay’s Chicago Fire Death Explained

With the pair’s friendship still massively on the rocks, things get a little tense when they are called upon to respond to a building fire. Even though Dawson was basically asserting her colleague’s rank before, he urges her to take the lead in this situation.

Unfortunately, the explosion devastates the building and the falling pipe fatally hits Shay, but just misses Dawson.

He tries to save Shay, but fails, and later learns that the fire was caused by one of the building’s occupants, who is an arsonist; he also took the lives of Henry Mill and Ross McGowan.

Despite appearing in flashbacks in season 3, fans mourned her absence after the emotional death scene.

Trailer for Wednesday’s Chicago



Trailer for Wednesday’s Chicago





“She was very professional about it”

During an interview with TVLine, executive producer Matt Olmstead revealed Lauren’s reaction to the decision to kill off her character.

“She was very professional about it,” he explained. “She joked that she wouldn’t miss the Chicago winters. She’s a girl from California. So it was nice to know that she was able to make a bit of a joke about it.’

Still, after just two seasons, she’s earned a true Chicago Fire legacy.

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