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(CNN) — This time of year is all about fun and everything that comes with it. An addiction to alcohol often leads to unpleasant morning after morning.

Since there’s no magic hangover pill (not yet, anyway), what can you do if you overdo it?

The answer, for many, lies in carbohydrates. Constipation is severe dehydration and a drop in blood sugar, which overeating causes a number of symptoms: nausea, fatigue, irritability and body aches.

Despite this uncomfortable reality, we sometimes hope for a “cure” and sometimes starve. Fighting dehydration and keeping your blood sugar levels up is essential, and drinking plenty of water and providing your body with carbohydrates, healthy fats and protein can help.

Of course, the best way to avoid binge eating is to avoid drinking. If it’s not attractive, you have to find a way to get past it.

The Hangover Helper by Lauren Shockey is full of recipes from around the world for the DIY crowd among us. Most of the food and drinks below are easily available for purchase.

From currywurst to pickle juice to avocado toast, see how people around the world are turning to food and drink for hangover relief:


You can get a Bloody Mary just about anywhere these days, but you can thank Paris for inventing it in 1921.


Although experts recommend avoiding alcohol the next day, many people swear by a little hairy dog. If that’s the route you choose, nothing beats a Bloody Mary.

You can find it all over the world, but the drink has special significance in Paris, where it was invented in 1921 at Harry’s New York bar.

Many bars around the world are turning to Bloody Marys (horseradish is less common these days), but at Harry’s it’s still made the classic way: vodka, tomato juice, Tabasco, salt, pepper, lemon and Worcestershire sauce. .


Hot, melted cheese is a big part of pizza’s appeal, but pizza isn’t the only way to get your cheese fix. In London, simple cheese on toast is a beauty and a breeze to make at home, no matter how hard you try.

Slide the bread under the broiler – or broiler as we say in the UK – to lightly toast both sides, then brush with oil and hot mustard and top with grated cheddar cheese. Return to broiler until cheese melts. Here! Now you’re that much closer to making it through the day.


Currywurst is the perfect accompaniment to fries.

Currywurst is the perfect accompaniment to fries.

Adam Berry/Getty Images

Although Berliners enjoy currywurst at any time of the day, this classic German dish might be best the day after a big night out in Berlin.

For the uninitiated, curry consists of fried pork sausages that are cut into bite-sized pieces and then drizzled with spicy curry ketchup before being dusted with curry powder.

The rich sauce, meaty sausage, and subtle warmth of the spices give the dark senses a reviving and revitalizing boost. It’s even better with fries.


Flæskestegsandwich (roast pork sandwich) is like gold for the cranky and hungry. Often associated with minimalist plates of beautifully presented ingredients, Danish cuisine is truly diverse.

The country’s signature sandwich is a messy and delicious treat. Think thick slices of fried and grilled pork on a soft bun with crunchy crackers, pickles, red cabbage and spicy mayo.

Help yourself avoid the rush (Kødbyens Høker, an outdoor stall in the city’s meat district is famous for a reason) or make it your first stop when you wake up with a headache. and great hunger.


Anyone who has spent an evening drinking with Manila locals can attest to the city’s ability to have a good time.

Chef Jordi Navarra opened Toyo Eatery in 2016; he is known for his reinterpretations of Filipino classics.

“When it comes to eating after drinking a lot, many Filipinos usually go to tapsilog,” Navarra said. “It’s basically corn, semi-dried or marinated beef with garlic rice and a fried egg. I really like how simple, filling and super convenient it is, with locations all over Metro Manila.

The name of the game in Manila is when the drunk tries to stave off a hangover by going for a big, greasy meal at the end of the night.


Poached eggs with smashed avocado and cherry tomatoes - an Australian original - is a popular option even when you're hungry.

Poached eggs with smashed avocado and cherry tomatoes – an Australian original – is a popular option even when you’re hungry.

GÉOLEE/iStockphoto/Getty Images

Sydney’s cafe culture is known for its healthy breakfasts. Smashed avocado on toast, now a staple on fancy breakfast menus around the world, is an Australian invention.

It’s a delicious and healthy meal after eight hours of sound sleep, but it’s also a good option when you’re hungry.


Tokyo is full of Michelin-starred restaurants, but if you’re feeling adventurous, the multi-course tasting menu might not be what you’re after.

Hisato Hamada, founder of Wagyumafia, the fast-food chain known for its fancy Kobe beef sandwiches, says eating is healing. ago bed after a night’s rest.

Hamada loves iki-soba, soba noodles found at train stations.

“Eki-soba is located on the ground [train] station platform, you can pick it up on your way home and it’s usually very quick to prepare, meaning you can have a dish within 30 seconds of ordering (very useful when you’re drunk),” explains Hamada.

“My favorite is tempura and raw egg, with extra grated negi (chinese onion). and thick, warm and nourishing Tokyo soy sauce. All in all, it’s a very comforting and filling quick meal to get you going.”


Thailand has one of the richest culinary cultures in the world, as well as a famous nightlife, so it’s no surprise that there are plenty of nourishing, soul-restoring dishes to choose from after a night out. long evening.

Perm Paitayawat, as @theskinnybib on Instagram, is a food writer, researcher and authority on Thai and Asian food culture.

“For Bangkokians, the first and most important dining choice is Khao Tom Kui: a Thai-Chinese interpretation of hot starchy rice porridge with sides from stir-fried meat to spicy salad. “They say Perm, who swears to eat before going to sleep.


Poutine is a popular dish in Montreal, and the combination of salt, fat, and carbs is a good choice for hangover relief.

Poutine is a popular dish in Montreal, and the combination of salt, fat, and carbs is a good choice for hangover relief.


Chips, Gravy and Cottage Cheese: If that’s not rocking music, then nothing is. In Canada, poutine is the unofficial national dish used by locals on a daily basis.

While the classic version is a sure-fire hangover helper, there are dozens of ways to make Montreal’s favorite poutine.

With additions like bacon, pulled pork, and duck carnitas, it’s kind of a “go big or go home” situation.


Irn Brough, Scotland "national drink" This is what you drink in Edinburgh to accompany your breakfast roll with square sausages.

Irn Bru, the ‘national drink’ of Scotland, is what you drink in Edinburgh to accompany your breakfast roll with square sausages.


“The Lorne sausage – also known as the square sausage – is considered by most Scots I know to be a national institution and a pumpkin wonder,” says Simon Attridge, head chef at Gleneagles Hotel, in the Scottish Highlands.

These thick, square slices of rich, fatty, flavorful beef sausage fit the roll like a glove. A selection roll is essential for those who love hangover food. Many opt for a special light and airy roll called a breakfast roll, sold by half a dozen in all the local shops in Edinburgh and beyond.

“Its legendary status, of course, has more to do with its delicious taste and restorative properties than its nutritional value,” says Attridge. Washed down with a can of Irn Bru [a Scottish carbonated drink]this national specialty will make you want to rush!”


Dublin has a famous pub culture, so it’s no surprise that Ireland has come up with a cure for breakfast.

“The rush in Dublin can be brutal,” admits Simon Lamont, head chef at the Dublin eatery. He loves one of his country’s favorite remedies: breakfast.

The bread, fatty meat and carbohydrate option, which originated in Waterford but has been adopted in the capital in recent years, includes a generously buttered flour scone or blanche filled with bacon, sausage and black pudding.

“Brown sauce [traditional British condiment similar to ketchup] is a favorite spice. And wash it down with rock shandy [lemonade, sparkling water and bitters] or a pint of munchies,” advises Lamont, “and if that doesn’t work, of course, a plate of fresh oysters!

New York City

Bodega's bacon, eggs and cheese make for a solid NYC breakfast any day of the week, but are especially delicious the morning after a big night.

Bodega’s bacon, eggs and cheese make for a solid NYC breakfast any day of the week, but are especially delicious the morning after a big night.

John Patrikin/Portland Press Herald/Getty Images

Bacon, Eggs and Cheese (BEC) is never a bad idea, but you know when it’s a great idea? When you’re fighting a brutal battle but can’t sleep in bed with Hulu on. Maybe you have matinee theater tickets or an important meeting.

Either way, make sure there’s a local bodega nearby ready to fry up an egg or two, topped with cheese (American, of course) and fatty bacon before slathering it on a bun. fresh white or English muffin. Butter is important. Salt and pepper are part of the territory, and ketchup is optional.

Oh, it doesn’t matter what time it is – 8 am? in the afternoon? – it’s perfect to ditch regular coffee and use real coke for a frozen can.

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