Resolve to live the Year of the Rabbit to the fullest


6. The history of the city of Zhongguancun in the Silicon Valley of China is explained. (Wired $)

7. The State Bank of China in Hong Kong is attracting new customers from the mainland with the possibility of obtaining mRNA vaccination. (Financial Times $)

lost in translation

The New Year is all about new changes, and Chinese tech publication Baobian reports that many Chinese Big Tech workers are leaving the industry and thinking about how they did “stupid jobs.” unnecessary.

Although the country’s tech industry is relatively young, these companies have grown into giant corporations with less bureaucracy and efficiency than their Western counterparts. One of the main sources of employee dissatisfaction is the feeling that they have been working for months on insignificant product changes that can be vetoed at the last minute. For example, a simple UI design change requires two weeks of oppositional research, and the final product is less unique. Some workers feel as though they have lost their personal purpose while helping the company optimize its money-making machines.

Having held various positions at Tencent, Alibaba, and ByteDance, Luyi felt that chasing abstract numbers based on unreliable data analysis ultimately yielded nothing. Last year, he finally left the tech industry to work at an art gallery in Beijing. “When I successfully organize an art exhibition, I feel a great sense of accomplishment. I can get a lot of positive comments from the scene,” he said. It’s a feeling he misses from working at Big Tech.

One more thing

A zoo in western China held a ceremony Friday to place a tiger cub and a rabbit on the same table to mark the transition from the Year of the Tiger to the Year of the Rabbit. But when the tiger grabbed the rabbit by the neck, the video was quickly interrupted, the reporter screamed in panic, and the scene turned into chaos. Fortunately, the rabbit was unharmed. Otherwise, it would be a terrible sign of the new year.


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