Robbie Coltrane Net Worth Explored As ‘Harry Potter’ Star Hagrid Dies At 72


Robbie Coltrane, popular for playing the role of Hagrid in the Harry Potter series, has died at the age of 72. Well, Robbie has done several movies and projects in his career that have been praised by all. However, only the Harry Potter series brought him massive fame. Where he played the role of the giant man Hagrid. Unfortunately, the famous actor passed away recently.

Read ahead to learn more about Harry Potter fame Hagrid dies aged 72.

Harry Potter and the famous character Hagrid

Who doesn’t know Harry Potter and his famous franchise? Every character in JK Rowling’s story played an important role and left a special place in everyone’s hearts. Well, in case you also watched the Harry Potter movie. Then you must have seen a big man in a movie with a beard covering his face.

Yes, that was Rubeus Hagrid. Rubeus Hagrid was portrayed by Robbie Coltrane. Who was the good friend of the main character of Harry Potter and his two friends? Although the role of Robbie in Harry Potter was not long. However, Harry Potter fans must have liked him a lot.

Robbie Coltrane has died at the age of 72

Recently, Robbie Coltrane, popular as Hagrid, died. How he breathed his last on October 14 of this year. Robbie Coltrane has had some health issues in recent years. However, it is not clear whether his death was caused by health problems.

Robbie was 72 when he died. When he was in his last days at Larbert, a Scottish hospital. Robbie has appeared in several movies and series in his acting career, which have ensured him immense popularity among his fans. However, the actor has sadly passed away now and has been left sad and grieving.

Robbie Coltrane Net Worth

Robbie Coltrane has appeared in several films and television shows. His acting career has a lot of projects listed since 1978. In fact, the actor has even won British Television Academy Award, Royal Television Society Award, etc. for his amazing work.

Tributes have now poured in for the late Harry Potter actor. Fans wondered about the actor’s net worth. So we learned that the actor’s net worth is estimated to be $4 million according to CelebrityNetWorth.

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