“RRR” deserved more Oscar nominations in 2023


Oscar nominations are always — yet – a mixed bag. For every good surprise Everything is everywhere at onceStephanie Hsu and After the dayPaul Mescal nodded his head for the first time, and there is a lot of resentment. This year, the Academy ignored Viola Davis and the rest of her talents the king of women team, the incendiary performance of Daniel Deadweiler and superstar Tom Cruise in the Best Actor category. But the film that makes me the most angry this Oscar season is the Tollywood sensation RRR.

Sure, SS Rajamouli’s Naatu Naatu won a well-deserved Golden Globe, but an original song nomination isn’t enough for this masterpiece. RRR deserved a place in this list of best movies. RRRSS Maestro Rajamouli deserved the Best Director nomination. RRR it’s one of those rare films that seismically raises the bar for what cinema can be, and I think it deserves even more fanfare from the Hollywood elite.

RRR – Tells “FLIGHT REVOLT” in its English translation – the real-life historical revolutionaries of 1920s Delhi, Komaram Bhim (N.T. Rama Rao Jr.) and A. A Tollywood film depicting the deep-rooted friendship between Rama Raju (Ram Charan). Supernaturally strong, Bhim disguised himself as a Muslim mechanic named ‘Akhtar’ to track the kidnapped boy around the city. The same superhero Raju hopes to win the trust of the British imperialists in a big scam. As a rebel, he goes in search of Bheem. The two unwittingly become close friends when they join forces to save an innocent boy from a train wreck.

Bheem and Tiger RRR
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From there, the film only crescendoes with each new action scene. CGI animals attack terrifying imperialist soldiers with hammers. Beem and Raju invite the local racists to a mock dance. A harrowing flashback sequence reveals Raju’s true motives. Elsa Schneider the temple of the curse (Alison Doody) nonchalantly points a spiky whip from her skirt. Raju and Bheem in a prison filled with British soldiers, Raju balances on Bheem’s shoulders, injured. The thing explodes. Good will conquer evil. Excellence ensues.

RRR more than just a crowd-pleasing epic. Like other 2023 Oscar nominations Everything is everywhere at once, High gunand Avatar: The Waterway, RRR a film that expanded the notions of what an action film could do. RRR not only moves the heart and stirs the soul, but also brings two distant corners of the world together. Hollywood has never valued Tollywood talent like this before. Again, this is not enough.

View RRR it is a truly transformative experience. You go into the movie with an idea of ​​what the movie is going to be and you leave it feeling excited. I’ve loved many of the films nominated for Oscars this morning, but none have struck me as much as Rebel Ode. SS Rajamouli deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as his peers like Spielberg and Cameron. Hollywood casting agents must do whatever they can to steal RRR star NT Rama Rao Jr. and India’s Ram Charan for magic. And RRR It should have been on this list of Best Picture nominations.

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