Sen. Eric Schmitt takes aim at Eventbrite following hypocrisy involving Riley Gaines

Eventbrite’s hypocrisy and woke political extremism were recently put on full display after the company prohibited OutKick’s Riley Gaines from promoting her speaking event about protecting women’s sports at University of California-Davis on Nov. 3. While the company claimed that Gaines’ event violated its terms of service, Eventbrite was allowing listings for pro-Hamas events. Sen. Eric Schmitt of Missouri isn’t letting this story simply float away into the news cycle.

Schmitt recently shared with Fox News that he sent a letter to Eventbrite CEO Julia Hartz, saying that their platform is hypocritical for enforcing “community guidelines” restrictions on Gaines while allowing anti-Israel events.

The Republican Senator went into further detail about his plan of action with Eventbrite on “OutKick The Morning” with Charly Arnolt.

“I think it’s important that if you’re going to be a business that sort of holds yourself out there as hosting events and letting people know what’s going on and then you’re going to cancel somebody because it violates your terms of service I think the public deserves to know what is that criteria,” Sen. Schmitt said. “What else are you doing, what else are you hiding?”

“The hypocrisy has already been revealed, but there’s probably a lot more there and I think people are sick and tired of these woke corporations deciding these things. People want to know information, then they can make up their own mind.”

Arnolt’s full interview with Sen. Schmitt will air during Wednesday morning’s edition of “OutKick The Morning” at 8 am ET.

On October 25, OutKick questioned how Eventbrite could prohibit Gaines from promoting her upcoming speech on its website while allowing other parties to list upcoming pro-Hamas rallies.

OutKick contacted the Eventbrite public relations team as well as Julia Hartz for the answer. Neither responded to our inquiry.

On October 26, Eventbrite removed the web pages OutKick cited showing the listings for pro-Hamas events.

Kevin Hartz, co-founder and chairman of Eventbrite, posted profane messages to X, formerly Twitter, after the company’s hypocrisy was exposed but as of October 30 had not reached out to Gaines in any fashion.

Gaines, host of OutKick’s “Gaines For Girls” podcast, spoke with Arnolt and put the aftermath of the situation into perspective.

“I haven’t heard anything from the CEO, the co-founder, nothing, other than the comment where he told myself and OutKick and the rest of our team to go f-ourselves,” Gaines explained. “I think it’s pretty disheartening that we live in a time where a pro-woman message is discriminatory and violates some sort of hateful content policy but pro-terrorist group’s events are not.”

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