SPOILERS: Michael Myers’ ‘death’ in Halloween Ends explained


We’ve certainly come a long way since John Carpenter’s original Halloween was released in 1978. Widely regarded as a horror classic, it helped start the slasher craze that defined the 1980s, spawned its own franchise, and inspired countless others.

Now we come to Halloween Ends, the 13th installment in the series overall and the third in David Gordon Green’s recent Blumhouse trilogy that began on Halloween 2018.

Its sequel, Halloween Kills, was more daring and divisive, ramping up the violence with an ending that suggested Michael Myers was immortal.

However, the conclusion of the trilogy deviates from this and offers viewers the definitive finale that the marketing promised. Who will survive, Laurie or Michael? Well, now we know for sure, so let’s explain Michael’s ‘death’ in Halloween Ends.


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Michael Myers Death Explained in Halloween Ends

We are reunited with Michael when he is encountered in the sewers by a troubled Corey Cunningham.

They look into each other’s eyes and Michael experiences a vision of the suffering he has been through, and the pair instantly reach a mysterious and unwritten understanding. Some of the evil in Michael is believed to have been transferred to Corey, who begins murdering victims after emerging from Michael’s hideout.

The pair essentially work as a team, with Corey luring people into the sewers to kill them. The more he kills, the stronger he gets.

However, Corey confronts Michael and steals his mask before heading to Laurie’s house on Halloween night. Once there, she shoots and unmasks him, convinced that Michael’s evil lives within him. After Corey ends his life to frame Laurie for murder, the real Michael arrives for the final showdown…

Evil dies tonight

With Michael still weak and low on kills – so to speak – Laurie manages to triumph and kills him.

He then takes Michael’s body to the junkyard with the other residents of Haddonfield and puts his body in a shredder. We see his body destroyed.

Despite what some may have predicted, Corey is also definitively dead, and the trilogy ends on an upbeat note with Laurie showing signs of a romantic relationship.

Halloween ends | official trailer



Halloween ends | official trailer






THEORY: Michael’s evil lurks in Laurie

The sequence where Michael conveys something to Corey shares parallels with a moment during Laurie and Michael’s fight that shows a close-up of their eyes.

Fast forward to the final shot and Michael’s mask is seen on Laurie’s living room table.

While she may have kept it as a trophy — which is more in keeping with the tone of the ending — you can believe that during their final showdown, Michael’s soul, or the evil within him, is transferred to Laurie before his death.

It could be interpreted that the fact that he ends up in the mask shot means that the essence of Michael lives on. This could be supported by a passage from Laurie’s book which states that evil never dies but rather changes shape.

Halloween Ends is now in theaters and streaming on Peacock.

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