SPOILERS: Who is the killer in Bodies Bodies Bodies?


Over the years, A24 has essentially become a seal of approval for movie fans. If an American independent has your name on the title, it’s probably worth looking for.

This is increasingly true for horror fans, as they have released some of the most acclaimed and notable efforts in the genre, including Hereditary, Witch, X, Midsummerand Saint Maud.

On the other hand, their latest offering delves into the slasher subgenre while delivering plenty of laughs.

Bodies Bodies Bodies, directed by Halina Reijn, tells the story of a party game gone wrong that leads to murder. With a group of wealthy friends gathered at the family’s secluded mansion, a hooker moves in. But who is the killer in Bodies Bodies Bodies?


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Who is the killer in Bodies Bodies Bodies?

The ending of Bodies Bodies Bodies reveals that there never really was a killer. David was not murdered.

He killed himself by accident. Back to Greg showing off his unusual skills by opening a bottle of champagne with a sword, it turns out that David simply wanted to try the trick for himself.

However, when he tried, he failed to hit the neck of the bottle and instead fatally cut his own throat. The accident ended up serving as a way for the group to vent their true feelings, and ironically, the accident led to the real thing happening overnight.

The hysteria and paranoia that David’s accidental death engendered in everyone led to another death.

Vanity Fair reports that there was a killer in the original script, but the film’s director and screenwriter Sarah DeLappe instead decided that the chain of deaths should be of the characters’ own making.

“The main theme of the film is: ‘Is the killer outside you or is he inside you? Are we animals or are we civilized?'” explained Halina. The point is that a fragile male ego was responsible for causing trauma and terror to a circle of young women.

“It’s an old world metaphor. It’s a metaphor for a time that hopefully we’re still fighting to get behind,” she added.

David was a way to critically look at “white, straight male toxicity and vanity and the pressure on these old-fashioned men to be strong… The character played by Pete Davidson represents all these toxic values.”

Bodies Bodies Bodies | official trailer



Bodies Bodies Bodies | official trailer





Who stars in the cast of Bodies Bodies Bodies?

Check out the central cast and their respective roles below:

  • Amandla Stenberg as Sophie
  • Maria Bakalová as a bee
  • Myha’la Herrold as Jordan
  • Chase Sui Wonders as Emma
  • Rachel Sennott as Alice
  • Lee Pace as Greg
  • Pete Davidson as David
  • Conner O’Malley as Max

Body Body Body is in theaters now.

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