SPOILERS: Why is Michael Myers weak in Halloween Ends?


Looking back at 2018, David Gordon Green’s Halloween basically took the franchise back to its roots and gave fans what they wanted: the familiar Michael Myers.

Halloween Kills, on the other hand, gave audiences the most ferocious and powerful incarnation of Haddonfield’s boogeyman to date. The kill count picked up and the kills themselves were the most gruesome and over the top of the series.

The film’s final act suggested there would never be a way to take Michael down, but the final installment of David and Blumhouse’s trilogy marks a change of pace.

You won’t find the iconic villain in the same form as he was in Halloween Kills, that’s for sure. But why is Michael Myers weak in Halloween Ends?


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Why is Michael Myers weak in Halloween Ends?

Halloween Ends takes place four years after the events of Halloween Kills and is significantly weaker in this latest installment. Well, that’s because he spent four years living in a sewer, surviving on scraps, whether it was food or victims to kill.

We learn that every now and then the homeless man brought him small amounts of food and people to murder, but that means he stayed hidden in the shadows of the sewers the whole time.

Laurie mentions in Kills that the more Michael kills, the more he transcends. So it’s understandable that he’s weaker and more human now that he doesn’t kill very often at all, not to mention the days after days when he’s probably been starving.

Halloween and the Halloween Kills took place on the same night right after Michael got out of the institution, so he was well taken care of and quickly got into the killing spree. Now, on the other hand, his isolated life in the canals proved to be a disadvantage.

However, as he starts killing more, he becomes stronger.

‘It’s a kind of animal’

During an interview with The AV Club, David was asked if Michael has a specific interest in pursuing Laurie, or if it’s just indirect:

“I don’t like to define it, but I also make sure I create a story where you can’t point to any of that. And so there’s always a justification for him to be there, outside of chasing Laurie. I think there may be a familiarity in the reality of his psyche that he sees.’

He added: “But I think it’s the kind of animal that doesn’t hold a grudge, a revenge. He’s a monster that’s on his way, and if he gets in your way, you’ll have enough.’

Halloween ends | official trailer



Halloween ends | official trailer






Is Halloween Ends the last movie?

Ends is confirmed as the final Blumhouse film, bringing David’s trilogy to a definitive close. However, Jason Blum has confirmed that he will not be the last in the franchise.

“I didn’t say it was going to be the last Halloween movie,” he told ScreenRant. “It’s our last Halloween movie. We have no rights to another Halloween, so it goes back to Malek [Akkad]. And only he knows what he’s doing, but we’re done.”

Although no new movie has been announced, the Halloween series is sure to pick up again.

Halloween Ends is in theaters and airing on Peacock.

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