Suspect: ‘Why I Want To Kill Former House Of Reps Speaker, Dogara’


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One of the suspects arrested for plotting the assassination of the former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, has given reasons why he decided to do so.

Nigerian Online News recalls that Dogara asked the IGP Usman Baba that two policemen conspired with one Barau Joel Amos to kill him.

Umar Mamman, the Commissioner of Police for Bauchi State, claims that during interrogation, the suspect linked Dogara to an incident that had happened to him earlier.

According to the police boss quoted by Daily Trust, the suspect said he intended to get firearms to kill Dogara over the incident that resulted in the demolition of his house.

Mamman: “What happened was that we got a tip-off that some of our officers, specifically one of our policemen, was trying to sell a rifle, so we went after him. At first we knew in advance that he was carrying rifles in the car, so we went after him, got him and asked him who was the owner of the car; he said he was the owner; we searched the car and found weapons.

When we asked him where the guns came from, and he admitted that he wanted to sell them, we followed up by asking if they were his own rifles, to which he replied in the affirmative. We then arrested him and started his investigation. He named one man they share a house with as a suspect in our investigation.

“As part of our ongoing investigation, the first person stated that he was carrying the gun because a person from Tafawa Balewa approached him and asked if he wanted to buy a gun. We went and arrested the person as soon as he gave us a name.

When we arrested him, he confessed to us that it was true that he wanted to buy a rifle because something terrible had happened to him, namely that his house was burnt down along with other people’s houses during the latest incident that took place after the anniversary of Baba’s memorial Peter Gonto in December 2021.

“He named other persons, including the previous speaker, in relation to the incident and said that is why he is looking for a rifle to kill him (Dogar) and we have opened an investigation in that regard,” the spokeswoman said. .

“One thing about people is that they won’t want to accept guilt until you use wisdom, so we’ve stepped up our investigation. Regarding the missing rifle in our armory, I have also ordered an audit of the facility. Through this audit, we discovered that in addition to the two rifles we seized, several others were missing, which led us to expand the scope of our investigation.

Regarding the lost rifle, the police commissioner said that he had ordered an audit of the armoury, during which it was found that apart from the two recovered from the arrested persons, some other rifles were also missing.

“Now that I’m talking to you, I want to let you know that our retired armory officer was found and taken into custody last Friday because we were looking for him. He wrote to the IGP while we were still investigating the matter and claimed that we did not call him to let him know. I can assure you that had it not been for what the man said, he would not have known from any other person’s comment that his life was in danger.

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